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Simon versus Jack the Ripper

It'll do until I can think of a better title. I like steampunk, and I like the concept of almost magical technological devices as a toolkit to solve problems. And let's face it - virtually all Interactive Fiction is puzzle solving. If all goes well, I'll do a series of semi-comedic adventures with Simon the Technomage. Because he's basically the first original character I thought of (although he's based on someone else's IP setting) — Peter Cobcroft 13/03/2006 14:36


  1. Introduction of character
  2. Introduction of setting
  3. Example puzzle (fixing the engine)
  4. Cut To: Jack's first crime (Shadow offer)
  5. Simon's arrival (crash in gardens)
  6. Side quest #1 that leads to public social event
  7. Cut To: Jack's second crime
  8. Discovery of body by Simon and subsequent incarceration/mistaken identity
  9. Plot A: Simon escapes before the next body turns up
    Plot B: Simon stays in jail until the next body turns up.
  10. A: Fugitive Simon must track clues by himself
    B: Innocent Simon must gather evidence for the constabulary
  11. A: Confrontation with Jack
    B: Entrapment and escape (Vorlon)
  12. B: Confrontation with Jack (similar to A: above) (Vorlon)
  13. Finish

Set pieces


Technomagic Toolkit

Technomagic Toolkit

  • Microphone and small loudhailer for Voice of Authority ™
  • Smokebomb for mysterious disappearances (shortly followed by mysterious coughing and hacking, and mysterious hiding around corners or running really fast)
  • Wizard's staff for hitting things with (sometimes this is intentional) and zapping things (requires recharginge each time)
  • Illusion powers
  • A robe of keeping sharp hurty things from being sharp and hurty
  • A black spaceship. Called Kewl. Capable of time travel, occasionally does so while Simon is in it.
  • Crystal ball. For looking at locations where a probe is hidden.
  • Probe. Microscopic camera/microphone.

Other Characters


  • Whitechapel (majority of adventure)
    • Buck's Row a back street in Whitechapel two hundred yards from the London Hospital. First victim (Mary Ann Nichols discovered at about 3:40 in the early morning of Friday, August 31, 1888)
    • Back yard of 29 Hanbury Street, Whitechapel. Second victim (Annie Chapman discovered 6:00 on the morning of Saturday, September 8, 1888)
    • Dutfield's Yard, off Berner Street (since renamed Henriques Street) in Whitechapel (Elizabeth Stride discovered close to 1:00 in the early morning of Sunday, September 30,)
    • Dark corner of Mitre Square (Catherine Eddowes discovered at 1:44 in the early morning of Sunday, September 30, 1888)
    • Sewers
  • Kewl (start and finish)
    • Pilot's cabin
    • Quarters
    • Access corridor
    • Storage room
    • Airlock
    • Engine room
  • Ball (Entrance quest and Side quest #1)
    • Entrance foyer
    • Dance hall
    • Buffet
    • Terrace
    • Bushes
    • NW Grounds
    • NE Grounds
    • SW Grounds
    • SE Grounds
    • Fountain
  • Jail (after the Ball)
    • Office
    • Corridor
    • Cell
  • Graveyard (for the shootout/confrontation with Jack)
    • Behind gravestone
    • Behind crypt
    • Pathway



Should be an object-light game as Technomages come with their own toolkits 🙂

The tricky part is to creatively come up with negatives to most of the toolkit in situations it isn't meant to be used.


simonvjack.t - the code so far (only just started)

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