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Kewl Puzzles

Puzzles on Simon's Spaceship see the map of Kewl

Getting the Capacitors

Problem: Capacitors are on a high shelf in the storage room
Solution: Turn off the artificial gravity and float up to the box of capacitors
Complications: Lots of other things start floating around, and general maneuvrability.

Fixing the Engine

Problem: Capacitors need replacing in the engine. Only flux capacitors are available, but will do the job - if also unexpectedly cause minor time travel. A bit.
Solution: In the roughly correct order-

  1. Disconnect power
  2. Discharge capacitors
  3. Unlock board
  4. Pull out board
  5. Remove capacitor (shock if not discharged, or power still on)
  6. Insert new capacitor correctly (if not correct, destroyed capacitor)
  7. Insert board
  8. Lock board
  9. turn on power

Complications: Must connect the Cathode, Anode and Quantumnode correctly or the capacitor shorts. If power is running through the board, or the capicitors aren't discharged there can be electric shocks.

Landing Kewl

Problem: Finding a safe place to land, and landing
Complications: Big badda boom.

Taking off in Kewl

Problem: Taking off
Complications: Big badda boom.

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