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                  | Pilot's cabin |
+---------------+ +-------+---------+ +---------------+
| Quarters      +-+ Access corridor +-+ Storage room  |
+---------------+ +------+-+--------+ +---------------+
                       _/   \_
    +---------------+ /       \ +---------------+
    | Airlock       +-         -+ Engine room   |
    +---------------+           +---------------+

Pilot’s cabin

An austere but functional area. Small in size, but large in gothic arches. A single high backed chair faces the control board on which various controls are inset. In one corner is the hologram projector for the warning bard.

The dominant colour throughout the room is black.

  • Navigation computer (fixed) (spoken to) - recessed into the walls, has a female voice, but not Majel Barret's.
  • Hologram bard (fixed) (for alerts)
  • Antigravity controls (fixed) (for Getting the Capacitors puzzle)
  • Large red button marked “Go” (fixed) (one press to start, one press to stop)
  • Wizard Staff holder (fixed) (much like a pool cue holder - possibly should contain more than one if they're breakable - also recharges the one zap)
  • Viewport (fixed) (showing current location)
  • Floor (fixed)
  • Lights (fixed)
  • Ceiling (fixed)


Ever hopeful, this cabin contains a king sized bed as well as a closet. The black walls have slightly less blinking lights than the rest of the ship because they keep you awake at night.

  • Shower (fixed)
  • Bed (fixed)
  • Closet (fixed)
  • Robes (in closet)
  • Floor (fixed)
  • Lights (fixed)
  • Ceiling (fixed)

Access corridor

Tell tale lights on the sides of this black walled crossroads blink on and off. Giving feedback on the state of the ship and your location within it. It is even possible to summon a hologramatical map of the ship, but as it consists of just four rooms and an airlock, you've never really seen the point.

  • Floor (fixed)
  • Lights (fixed)
  • Ceiling (fixed)
  • Hologram map (fixed)

Storage room

Much like the rest of a Technomage ship, this room seems bigger on the outside than the inside. The walls are black as are most of the shelves. Luckily for your sanity the items stored here are not black.

  • Floor (fixed)
  • Lights (fixed)
  • Ceiling (fixed)
  • Shelves (fixed)
  • Box of Flux Capacitors (fixed)
  • Flux Capacitor (in Box) (for Getting the Capacitors puzzle)


Like most Technomage ships, the Airlock opens downwards with double doors. It is far more impressive than a standard set of double doors as you get to lower and raise yourself on your invisible levitation platform.

  • Floor (fixed)
  • Lights (fixed)
  • Ceiling (fixed)
  • Airlock controls (fixed)
  • Outer door (fixed)
  • Inner door (fixed)

Engine room

This rather claustrophobic room is jammed with strange and exotic looking machinery. Black, silver and almost organic in style.

  • Floor (fixed)
  • Lights (fixed)
  • Ceiling (fixed)
  • Engine (fixed)
  • Access Panel (fixed) (on Engine)
  • Circuit board locks (fixed) (inside Access Panel)
  • Circuit boards (fixed) (inside Access Panel)
  • Broken Capacitor (on Circuit board)
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