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Renegade Carwars


Carwars with graphically represented damage rather than numerical. Weapons cause damage to armour in a similar shaped pattern to those in the Renegade Legion series of games. Rule variant criteria-

  1. As weapon damage is variable in Carwars, the full amount of damage should be caused and represented by the damage templates
  2. In order for armour to be properly represented and useful against more penetrating damage, all normal Carwars armour is multiplied by a factor of 4
  3. Internal damage should also be consistently represented (this is a change from the original, now lost rules I wrote).


  1. Roll to hit as normal
  2. Roll the amount of damage
  3. Roll where on the armour diagram this damage occurs
    • Adjust the origin point if this reduces the damage done by causing the template to fall outside the diagram area.
  4. Apply the damage template following any special ablative rules for weapon type
  5. Check for widowed armour.
  6. Place debris for any widowed armour.


Weapon Type Special Rules

  • Ballistic Multiple Rounds
    • Damage strafes up and down armour from the point of origin.
  • Ballistic Explosive Shell
    • Explodes at point of origin, damage radiating outwards.
  • Laser
    • Melts in a column at point of origin.
  • Liquids
    • Coat the outermost layer from point of origin.

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