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Dungeon Master


Number of Players: 2-8
Inspired by Dungeon Keeper

Object of the game

The goal of Dungeon Master is to destroy the Dungeon Hearts of the other players

Necessary Abstractions

For those familiar with the Dungeon Keeper computer game, some license must be made to keep this boardgame playable-

  • Creature movement is not tracked on the board
    • Creatures are moved to locations with a Call to Arms spell or with the Hand of the Dungeon Master
    • Creatures have a number of rooms they prefer to hang around where they may be encountered
    • Creatures have a speed (often based on level which dictates how quickly they appear at a Call to Arms and how quickly they seek their pay on PayDay.
    • Creatures may attack each other if natural enemies and assigned to the same lair (a smaller chance if not)
  • Imp movement is not tracked on the board
    • Imps form a pool which dictates how quickly new work is started
    • The levels of an Imp dictate how quickly work is finished (they are assigned tasks)
    • Unassigned Imps have a chance to be killed as they wander corridors randomly (dependent on how dangerous the dungeon is)
  • Trap and door movement from workshop to setup location is not tracked
    • Interception by enemy forces is abstracted
  • Rooms come in three size types, in order of efficiency- Non-square, 3×3 and 5×5
    • If a room is big enough to include a 3×3 or 5×5 square area, it counts as a 3×3 or 5×5 no matter the additional shape
  • Creatures and Imps have three levels (1, 2 or 3)
  • Morale is abstracted to each creature type, rather than individual creatures.
    • Lower level creatures will abandon the dungeon before higher level creatures.
  • Research and Manufacturing is simplified and only some creatures may do either.


Dungeon Masters start with the Dungeon Heart which includes the 4 Imps and enough storage for 2000 gold.

Home Territory

Each player receives a “Home Territory” (HT) board which consists of a 30×30 grid. On this grid they must mark various locations:

  • their Dungeon Heart (5×5)
  • an Entrance Portal (3×3)
  • two Gem tiles (1×1 each)
  • two veins of Gold (1×5 each)
  • one river (10 tiles that form a meandering line)
  • one lava pool (12 tiles that join and have a minimum width of 2 tiles)
  • two impenetrable rock walls (1×3 each)

These items must be placed such that they are 2 tiles away from any edge or any other object, and 5 tiles away from the Dungeon Heart

  • HT boards are hidden from other players.
Neutral Ground

Between each HT are Neutral Grounds (NG). Neutral Grounds are 20 tile wide strips between each Home Territory board.

  • NG boards are viewable by every player

The Dungeon

  • Rooms - what they cost and what they do
  • Spells - what they cost and what they do
  • Imps - tasks that Imps can be assigned
  • Creatures - all about the dungeon employees


Turn Sequence

  1. Dungeon Design
    • Imps
    • Breakthroughs
  2. Combat
    • Traps
    • Doors
    • Spells
  3. Maintenance
    • Morale
    • Food
    • Pay

Dungeon Design




Map tiles




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