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Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space

Current Campaign

Three Beings in a TARDIS, to say nothing of the Robot

Premise: 6-7 players who may or may not turn up to any given session, therefore most characters have an “out” - some story reason for randomly disappearing.

Character Sheets

Publisher: Cubicle 7
Discussion Forum: Forum
Material published so far for this game: PDFs

  • Rulebooks: Player's Guide, Gamemaster's Guide
  • Sourcebooks: Aliens and Creatures, Defending the Earth: The UNIT Sourcebook, The Time Traveller's Companion, The First Doctor Sourcebook, The Second Doctor Sourcebook, The Third Doctor Sourcebook, The Fourth Doctor Sourcebook
  • Adventure Modules: Tenth Doctor Adventure Book, Eleventh Doctor Adventures Book, Cat's Eye, Medicine Man, The Ravens of Despair
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