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Ball Puzzles

Puzzles on around the ballroom see the map of the Ball

Getting into the Ballroom

Problem: Kewl crash lands in the garden grounds, there is no way out but through the ballroom - the servants will not let Simon in the way he is dressed
Solution: Take the clothing of one of the guests.

  1. A couple wanders the grounds as a romantic liaison
  2. Find the woman's earing (near the crash site) which the couple occasionally mention as a hint.
  3. Toss the earing into the fountain (where the couple pause - the woman thinks she sees the earing in the fountain briefly, once, as a hint)
  4. When the couple fall into the fountain, zap the water
  5. Remove the clothing from the man and wear it
  6. Discover that the water shorts out the Technomage Robe - hint for stopping Jack

Complications: Zapping either of them damages their clothing, they both need to be zapped. The couple are moving and may spot Simon

Leaving the Ballroom

Complications: .

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