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Trap Jack Puzzles

Puzzles concerning the capture of Jack.

Police Entrapement

A placement puzzle
Problem: Force Jack closer to the Fountain by getting him to follow Simon into the Graveyard without killing anyone.
Solution: Assign Protagonists to the correct positions to confront Jack
Complications: If encountered in the wrong order, people may be injured or killed.


                   |   1|
          ---------+    +---------
to street        2                to street
          --+3   +-+4   +-+5   +--
            |    | |    | |    |
            |*   | |*   | |    |
            |6   | |7   | | 8  |
            +----+ +----+ |    |
                          |    |


  1. Alcove opposite the dark forboding alley
  2. Backstreet running parallel to the mainstreet
  3. Corner of the small alley that reeks of the sewers
  4. Corder of the dark forboding alley
  5. Corner of the muddey alley leading to the graveyard
  6. Hidden behind a large pile of smelly garbage
  7. Hidden behind the broken remains of several packing crates
  8. In the middle of the alley leading to the graveyard


  1. Prostitute
  2. Street Urchins
  3. Undercover police officer with a truncheon
  4. Police officer with a revolver
  5. Metropolitan Police Commissioner with a revolver
  6. Simon

Setup Solution

  1. at (4) - bait for Jack
  2. at (2) - warns everyone that Jack is coming
  3. at (1) - rescues prostitute and distracts Jack
  4. at (7) - rescues undercover police officers and makes Jack worried
  5. at (6) - helps herd jack towards Simon
  6. at (😎 - leads/taunts Jack into following him to the graveyard


  • Prostitute, Street Urchins and Undercover Cop can be killed.
  • Police Officer and Police Commissioner may drive Jack the wrong way.
  • Simon may scare off Jack if seen too early.

ChatGPT example outcomes

Graveyard Confrontation

Problem: Force Jack into the Fountain
Solution: Use the Gravestones as cover to get within HTH range and grab him
Complications: May be shot/injured and only have a limited time to keep hold of him before he escapes.

Graveyard → Gardens → Fountain → Vorlon
See the graveyard map and the Ball map


  • Whenever Jack glances in a direction, he will then move in that direction
  • Whenever Jack is in a direct line - vertical, horizontal or diagonal he will shoot Simon
  • Move so Jack is never in a direct line, or a gravestone is providing cover
  • Jack moves randomly, but the graveyard is limited in size and the only escape route he can use is out the way Simon came in (only Simon can enter the Gardens)
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