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The Technomage Toolkit

In general, examining these items should give a highly technical, long, psuedo-scientific explanations.


Technomages used this power to make or break connections to their ships, staffs, places of power or other compatible technology.

  • Game Effect: give a general direction/distance to where a device is or maybe a status update. Not actually used to solve any puzzle, but possibly to just add flavour.


Technomages can hurl fireballs.

  • Game Effect: Destroys objects or people. May cause puzzles to become unsolvable. Maybe, let people do it, then explain why it was a bad idea.


This ability generates an invisible platform that can suspend items above the ground. With further abilities, mages can move and even ride on these platforms.

  • Game Effect: Technomage can carry heavy objects. This could mean a large inventory - however it also means they cause fear in any public place while using it. May also help getting from location to location, although with Simon, it may short out occasionally.

Electron Incantation

Through this technique, Technomages can establish real-time communication with another Technomage regardless of distance. While under the effect of this ability, the speakers consciousness is manifest within a sort of dreamscape in which time moves quickly enough for the participants to have whole conversations in the span of seconds. It is possible to establish contact with non-Technomages, but it is difficult.

  • Game Effect: Not used in the game. Except possibly in box text.

Voice of Authority


Releases a cloud of nanite machines in the air that generate small holograms of shadow. The can be set to fade at a certain time and are organically inert. The energy they use generates sufficient heat to cloud infrared sensors as well as the visual spectrum and the metal of the nanites obscures radar in a similar way. The cannister is the size of a five cent coin.

  • Game Effect: make dramatic entrances (roll into next room, then enter room) or escapes.

Wizard’s staff

Illusion powers

Technomages can generate holograms like Alwynn's famous red-eyed, golden dragon or more complex holodemons, which can actually interact physically with their environment.

  • Simon for distraction in combat
  • Fire general distraction/stopping people
  • Monster cause fear
  • Money bribery/distraction
  • Light like a torch


With practice a Technomage can cast a shield around their bodies to absorb damage or contain atmosphere in hostile environments. Isabelle was well known for her talent for shields.


Crystal Ball


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