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This page has had much of it's spurious content removed, the 2006 edition has all the fixed links.

The Western Shores

System: Fantasy Hero for the Hero System 5th edition revised is the 2006 edition.

Based on the setting in Fantasy Hero (2e, 1990) which used the 4e Hero System rules.

Theme: High Fantasy and epic events

My Version: Since I first started using the setting in the 90s I always felt that sparsely populated villages under siege by wandering monsters was very implausible. So monsters are rare and like medieval Europe, there are villages everywhere. Roads exist and are often well maintained in the more civilised areas - because magic makes medieval infrastructure easier. Some areas lacked descriptions so I ripped large amounts of history to fill them. Kartar is what you get if you combine Chinese history with feline anthropomorphs and throw in some Japanese culture. Zylistan is what you get if you combine Persian history with reptilian anthropomorphs and use it as a self regulating dragon source (inspired by a PC in the 1997 campaign). The Duchy of Irolo where the 2006 campaign was mostly set is basically medieval Prussia. As a fan of the quirky imperial coinage, you'll find it as the main currency, with additional racial/cultural monetary systems. Because using money instead of barter should be at least as tricky as it is crossing borders as it is in real life.

News: I am keen on fixing the setting information, including layout and updating it to the 6e rules as I may run another game in it. See this thread

Other Western Shores Campaigns

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