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7 January, 1998

Name : Frederick 

Archetype : Swashbuckler Occupation : Pirate Race : ex-Human, now a Sea Elf Age : 23
AC : 4 (2 with Rapier or Longsword) Level :4 XP : 10,300 HP : 30
Alignment : Chaotic Neutral God : Reedal - Chaos Thac0 : 17 (15 with Rapier)
Str 12 
Stamina 14 
Muscle 10
Dex 14 
Aim 12 
Balance 16
Intuition 10 
Willpower 6
Int 10 
Reason 12 
Knowledge 8
Con 13 
Health 11 
Fitness 15
Cha 16 
Leadership 14 
Appearance 18
STR - Weight Alowance : 55lb Max Press : 115lb Open Doors : 6 Bend Bars/Lift Gates : 02%
DEX - Pick Pockets : 0% Open Locks : 0% Reaction Adj : +1 Defence Adj : -2 AC
Move Silently : 0% Climb Walls : 0% 
CON - System Shock : 75% Poison Save : +0 HP Adj : +1 Ressurection : 94 %
INT - Spell lvl : 6th Max Spells : 7 Spell Immunity : - Bonus Profs : 1
Learn Spells : 0%
WIS - Bonus Spells : 0 Spell Failure : 15% Magic Defense : -1
CHA - Loyalty Base : +1 Henchmen : 6 NPC Reaction Adj : +7 (+9 Allure)

Skills (initial 10 for Human, 6 non-weapon for Warrior, 8 weapon for Warrior, 15 for levels, 1 for intelligence)

Weapon skills
Name Cost  extra Notes
Rapier 1* Weapon of choice, specialisation, One handed Style (+2 TH, +2 TD, -2 AC)
Longsword 1* One handed Style (-2 AC)
Dagger 2 1 One handed Style (-1 AC)
Non-Weapon skills
Name Cost extra Score Name Cost extra Score
Tumbling 2* 2 12 Navigation 3 3 9
Seamanship 3 1 12 Swimming 2 2 12
Rope Use 2 0 8 Jumping 1* 2 13
Tight-Rope 2* 1 9
Name Cost Notes
Compulsive Honesty -8 Alway tends to tell the truth. Or lie and then renounce lie. (Willpower Roll)
Irritating Personality -6 Naively Sleazy
Light Sleeper 5 Tends to wake at most noises.
Unlucky 0 (part of Swashbuckling) Things happen
Lucky 6* Good things also happen
Glibness 4* Able to fast talk (Intuition Roll)
Allure 0 (part of Swashbuckling) +2 NPC Reaction Adj.
Vorpal Prop Cutting 0 (part of Swashbuckling) slice small things in twain
* recommended by Swashbuckler Kit
Saving Throws
Paralysis, Poison, Death Magic 13 Rod, Staff or Wand 15
Petrification, Polymorph 14 Breath Weapon 16
Spells 16
Weapons Spd S/M L Thac0 Notes
Rapier 4 d6+2 d8+2 15 -2 AC one handed
Longsword 5 d8 d12 17 -2 AC one handed
Dagger 2 d4 d3 17 -1 AC one handed

Rapier, Dagger, Spare Dagger, Plumed Hat, Puffed & Slashed Jacket, White Lace-up Tunic, Bright Yellow Lace-up Tunic, Bright Red Lace-up Tunic, Tights, Spare Tights, Codpiece, Codpiece suitable for religious festivals, Soft Leather Boots, Soft Leather Boots with pointy toes, Sewing Needle, Thread, Wineskin, Whetstone

Ht 6 (1.83m) Wt 220 lb (100kg)
Frederick is a clean-shaven, young man with short-trimmed hair. His hair is Sandy blonde/brown, his eyes Blue to sea grey (depending on what is most poetic at the time) and his skin is suprisingly non-tanned for a man who has been at sea for his entire life. a very pale blue. He also has pointy ears.
First Impression : Either a Fop, court dandy or actor. Lock your daughters up.
Second Impression : Pirate, scoundrel


Frederick was born in a noble family in the far off future (about 100 or 200 years), in the earth equivalent of the late 19th century. His father thought it would be a good idea if he were apprenticed in the merchant class to make a man of him. Not too merchant class of course, something like a Ship's pilot is just lower-class enough. Unfortunately for Sir Roderick the VI, the nanny he chose to look after his son was fairly hard of hearing. At a young an impressionable age, Frederick found himself apprenticed to a pirate.

Spending his entire life at sea, including his puberty, has made Frederick a little tense. The huge exagerations of other fellow pirates, not to mention the lack of female company (Nanny was in no way comparable to a real female) has caused him to grow up with a certain view of the opposite sex.

Raised on a pirate ship, ship-wrecked; then adopted by Lady Lutetia, who was struck by his resemblence to her long-lost son when Frederick wondered onto her estate.


If it's female, try putting the moves on it. If it's married, try it slyly. If it objects, try classy lines or bribery. If all else fails, find out if it has a sister/daughter/mother.

If it's male, find out if it has any female acquaintances or relatives.

Frederick believes in honor, especially if it saves his life. He'll always keep his word if it isn't inconvenient or if anyone is watching. And will at least try to be sensitive and caring if someone may notice. Growing up with pirates has not made him particulary well mannered or chivalric.

He does have the tendency to grovel when confronted with overpowering opposition unless he knows of a daring and heroic solution (and there are women watching). He will quite often chat-up the wrong woman just because she's beautiful (even though she may be a demon or evil goddess), though being desparate and inexperienced, not to mention unbiased, Frederick will chat up just about anything that is probably female and probably humanoid.

He definately needs separate skills to cover his boasting and poetic one-liners. He has an incredibly high streetwise skill but is still highly naive about some of the more basic things. To Frederick, everything is a sexual innuendo (hur hur hur hur).

There's no reason why Frederick should not develop more useful pirate type skills, including field medicine, ship repair/maintenance, climbing etc. Eventually he does aspire to be a court dandy. He would like to be cassanova, someone who seduces nobles (see Dangerous Liasons movie). But with the way the party is going, he would'nt mind becoming a famous hero with a bevy of fans.

Recently he's been cursed. He can now detect magic items. He feels a compulsion to collect magic items. All magic item behave in a non-normal fashion when used by him. For instance, a chainmail hauberk of water breathing has turned him into a Sea Elf.


You know what would look good on her ...... me
You know, that dress you're wearing would look great piled on the floor next to my bed.
Say, do you have any pirate in you? Would you like to?
So this is your sister eh? She's as cute as you. How about a threesome?
You challenge me to a duel? Allright, outside! Now! ..... Okay that got rid of him ...
He's warming up for the duel? I stab him.
Lady, what do you mean I'm your brother the exiled prince? I just look like him! See, the tattoo is on the other buttock. And, besides, does your brother kiss like this?
Actually it is a banana in my pocket, but it's only for show...
The woman falls on top of me? Hur hur hur hur hur
They don't call me Frederick Dragonslayer for nothing!
They don't call me Frederick Ogreslayer for nothing!
My name is Bond, Frederick Bond.
Yes officer, my name is Frederick Smith, honest.
You are my moon, my sun, my starlit sky. I dwell in darkness without you....
I'm the Prince of Selinica! Really? No, not really.

Special Bonus - The Frederick Drool Factor Table!

   Charisma+      Drool Factor                                                 
     <=10        Have they got any female relatives?                           
     11-14       Have they got any sisters?                                    
     15-16       Buy me a meal?                                                
     17-18       Buy me a drink?.                                              
      19         Wanna go Dutch in a meal?                                     
      20         Let me buy you a drink.                                       
      21         Let me buy you a meal.                                        
      22         How about dinner?  Your place or mine?                        
      23         So, do you accept Platinum Pieces?                            
      24         It's not only my sword that's long and hard...                
      25         So do you have glass slippers to match those perfect ankles?  
      26         Wanna have sex? No? Could you just lie there while I do?      
      27         I'm the prince of Selenica! Sleep with me, I'll make you      
      28         Your mother was obviously a Goddess, may I worship you?       
      29         You are the avatar of the Goddess of love!                    
      30         You are the Goddess of love, touch me and kill me, my         
                 life's complete.                                              
      31+        [I've run out of creativity here, but something tacky]

Male -15, Female +5, Non-Humanoid -15, Orc -2, Human +1, Elven +2
Too Young (<15) -5, Too Old (>50) -5, Single +1, Rich +2, Royal +3, Powerful +4, Dangerous +2
Husband/spouse/lover present -2, Lesbian +5 (a challenge)
Hatred/crush of Frederick +3, Indifference to Frederick -5

Thoughts on other Characters

Just because there are female party members is not the only reason he hangs around them. It's also because he happened to appear on a sea of blood with them, and was marked by one of the same dragons as them. Also the party tends to have daring adventures (which Frederick finds fun) and they mix with nobles (some of whom are not only female, but damn cute as well). He's hoping to either pick up some etiquette or some of the female PC's.

Frederick thinks - Cute and dominating, If only I could get through to her soft side. She does intimidate be a bit, but she could be worth it. I don't really want to get on her bad side, cause she could be mean. She's disappeared now - I hope she hasn't been killed, it'd be a waste.

Frederick thinks - Typical warrior, but he tries to think too hard. I think if he just stuck to bashing people (which he's good at) he would save us all a lot of trouble. I just hope he doesn't start insult archmages and gods, again. It's bad enough when he risks us all by taunting dragons. Mental note - make sure not to be within a fireball blast radius of Mok. Not competition unless we come across a blind woman, in which case I better be quick. Recently he's been dead and his wife has died. He may try to get a new wife, personally I don't know why he spent so much time crying over her grave, all he needs to do is get enough money together to get her resurrected

Frederick thinks - Cute, but has airs. Just cause of her elvish blood. I don't know, some people. She thinks she's too good for me, but no one is. Damn handy at times to be around, except when other mages try to conscript her. Recently she's seduced and stolen from me. Perhaps she likes me?

Frederick thinks - This guy may have potential, if only he'd lose those silly notions of his. I mean, the modern man isn't into honour and goodness and monogamy. You should only be law abidding if there's city guard watching you, it stands to reason. He could be competition, but luckily he's moraly against being nice to women. I think he has a thing for Anastasia. I also caught him chatting up a woman with wings and had to hit him over the head.

Princess Anastasia:
Frederick thinks - Beauty, money, power. Oh, and she's also single (not that that has stopped me before). I have to prove how noble and heroic I am to her. Wonder if she made it back home alright without us? Probably I guess - she is usually in way more trouble when we're around than when we aren't.

Prince Barov:
Frederick thinks - Hmm, could get me some good contacts in the noble families. I should be friendly towards him. Perhaps I could even give him advice to help him pick up women. I wish I had his kind of power, because women are still attracted to him (i.e. Steffa) even though he is a Loser.

Frederick thinks - Not as pretty as some of the other women I hang around with, and she has those scarey tattoo things. She's uncivilised enough that maybe if I got her drunk .. hmmm. She went off back to her forest with some sort of magic cube before I could get a chance to try though. The other guys said the cube was the most powerful item in the world, but at the time I didn't care. Now though, I would like to have it.

Frederick thinks - Another barbarian like Katya. He's way more morose though - probably because he follows the god of impending doom. Ah, well, you know what they say about men with big muscles...

Frederick thinks - A serving maid who wants to be an adventuress. She has definate airs too - she could almost be an Elf. She's very cute though, so maybe I should humour her.

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