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Scum and Villainy


The Setting

  • The four systems of the Procyon Sector in which the game occurs
  • Xenos, any lifeform that isn't within 90% of the population
  • The 36 known factions that are influential in the Procyon Sector. Other factions may appear as needed.
  • The Social Contract - important information and mechanics to make the game safe for everyone involved. This also includes the genre defaults that may offend.
  • conversion notes - or translating the setting into tropes us geeks grew up with

Player Characters

Player Character Name Playbook
Breana Kithamora "Ace" Korkedra Pilot (Xeno) Pilot
Doug Ken "Tak" Takura Muscle Muscle
Marissa Amatilda Constance "Tilly" Wolffe Mechanic Mechanic
Stu Spike "Stitch" Wyndam Stitch Stitch
Victor Mordo "Snake Eyes" Veers Scoundrel Scoundrel
Everyone CF-350 Series Scarab-class Freighter Stardancer


Faction relations

Part of the creation process for the ship is used to establish initial relationships with factions in the game you have friend and enemies from the beginning. Here are yours:


Another ongoing stat that is kept track of is how noticeable you are to the authorities in each of the four systems. Once you max out the heat in a system (😎, you get a wanted level (up to 4) and heat is reset. You can use downtime actions to reduce the heat you generate from completing missions

Heat <barchart>8RIN:1,IOTA:0,BREKK:0,HOLT:0</barchart>
Wanted Level <barchart>4RIN:0,IOTA:0,BREKK:0,HOLT:0</barchart>

Play Aids


Previous Campaign

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