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Designation: CF-350 Series Scarab-class Freighter
Crew Reputation: Professional
Colours/look: TBD
Ship Size: Freighter


Credits: 1 Upkeep1): 1
Gambits2): 3 Any crew member can spend a gambit during an action roll to add +1d, and only one gambit may be spent this way.
You gain new gambits in two ways:
1) At the beginning of every job, you reset the number of gambits the crew has to the starting gambits value.
2) Every time you roll a 6 or critical result on a risky action that you have not spent a gambit on, your crew gains another gambit.

Ship Systems

System Crew Hull Comms Engines Weapons
Rating 0 2 0 2 0
Modules n/a 1) Smuggling Compartments3)
2) Cargo Hold4)
- 1) Jump Drive5)
2) Cloaking Device6)

Other Modules

  • Auxiliary
    • Galley
      A combined kitchen and serving area for meals. Greatly facilitates longer trips. Includes fresh food storage.
  • Training
    • Insight
      You earn 2 xp (instead of 1) when you train in the Insight xp track during downtime.
    • Playbook
      You earn 2 xp (instead of 1) when you train in the Playbook xp track during downtime.

Special Abilities

Cargo Eye - Your crew earns +1 cred for smuggling or delivery jobs. Whenever you gather info you can always ask, “What is most valuable here?” The extra cred is gained during payoff beyond what the job pays. You can ask the question whenever it’s applicable.


You get one XP (or two if it occurred multiple times) for:

  • Executing a successful transport or smuggling operation
  • Contending with challenges above your current station
  • Bolstering your crew reputation or developing a new one
  • Expressing the goals, drives, inner conflict or essential nature of the crew


Crew XP


Citani, a reclusive info broker. Who’s their boss when they’re not with the crew? What type of info do they commonly broker?

ratings of all systems / 4 rounded up
2 default+1 for having a Scoundrel
Like a cargo hold (can carry a small shipment), but it won’t show up on routine scans or visual inspections of the ship. At 3+ hull rating, it has life support for smuggling people too.
Enough space on a ship to carry a moderate (cred-earning) shipment. A cargo hold is evident when the ship is boarded, and no special precautions are taken to hide its contents.
A special engine that can activate the Ur gates that connect systems and translate ships into hyperspace lanes.
Doesn’t necessarily render the ship invisible to the eye, but masks the heat and electrical signature of the ship, making it very hard to detect or identify. Super illegal.
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