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Factions come in three broad categories - Hegemonic (the powers officially in charge of the vast civilisation), Criminal (those that regularly break the laws of those in power) and Weirdness (cults and uses of supernatural power)


Tier Name Player Summary
V Guild of Engineers One of the Hegemonic High Guilds, responsible for resource acquisition, cybernetics, AI, tech advancement, and research. Often have the best toys.
IV Church of Stellar Flame One of the official Hegemonic Cults. Religious zealots with only a few powerful members. Stretched thin, they’re using their power and influence to seek out and eradicate dangerous artifacts and mystic activity in the sector.
IV Counters Guild Officials who maintain the galactic currency network and build shadow repositories in any system the Guild has a presence in, storing mysterious items and securing auctions and commerce.
IV Starless Veil Hegemonic counter intelligence and spies. Currently at odds with House Malklaith. They seek to undermine the Governor in order to make a case for change in House control.
III 51st Legion Hegemonic military that represents the law anywhere off-planet.
III House Malklaith A powerful Noble House of the Hegemony, ostensibly owns the sector. Represented by the Governor, who lives on Warren.
III Isotropa Max Secure The most notorious prison system in the Procyon sector, housing the worst of the worst. Brokers audiences with its population grants commutations for those with power and wealth.
III Starsmiths Guild Maintain the jumpgates and hyperspace lanes, and build ships. All ships in Hegemonic space must be certified and registered with the Starsmiths Guild—but forged papers are all too common.
II Cult of the Seekers Wandering mystics studying artifacts and seeking new places. Members include the Hegemon’s mother. They want to open the Hantu gate.
II Hegemonic News Network Those who control the media control the mind. Often use this as leverage over other factions. Spies.
II Yaru (Makers Guild) Guild that force-grows clones for labor. Clones are short-lived, have a symbol on their foreheads, and are supposedly only barely sentient. Folks are distinctly uncomfortable around the clones.
I Concordiat Knights Often accompanied by a motley crew of adventurers, these dozen or so colorful characters have the Hegemonic Churches’ blessing to pursue a quest for something called the Light of the World.


Tier Name Player Summary
IV Lost Legion Formerly the Hegemon’s personal guard, they rebelled when the current Hegemon rose to power. They seek to see the Hegemon dethroned and have been guns for hire ever since the schism.
IV Scarlet Wolves Although they often hire themselves out as bounty hunters, the Scarlet Wolves are a renowned group of assassins. Each bears a distinctive tattoo of a wolf holding a star in its mouth.
IV Vorex The most successful information broker to ever live. Can access any terminal in the system—though no one can explain how. Frantically seeking her sister, who the Counters Guild took hostage.
III Ashen Knives Dangerous criminal Syndicate known for their control of gambling and assassination in the sector.
III Borniko Syndicate A tightly knit group of thieves who steal highend technological supplies. Man, the Guild hates these guys.
III Draxler’s Raiders Fierce individualistic pirates who specialize in disabling ships before boarding. Mostly found in Iota and Brekk.
II Echo Wave Riders Pilots. Many organize illegal races. Many take dangerous jobs for pay, and a few test dangerous new engine/ flight technologies for the Guild. They wear a pin that shows how many races they’ve won.
II Janus Syndicate Weapons dealers that specialize in ship weapons, headed up by the ruthless Viktor Bax, who insists on doing the first deal with every client in person.
II The Maelstrom Rowdy space pirates living in a nebula that’s difficult to navigate. Often clash with the Legion.
II Turner Society A Holt-based Syndicate running drug dens masquerading as society houses. Their drugs are cooked with rare Aketi animal parts and Vosian crystals—which they sometimes have trouble sourcing.
I Cobalt Syndicate Organized labor union dabbling in a little crime to fund their demands for a better life. Usually display a blue stripe somewhere on their clothes.
I Dyrinek Gang Mostly young, disenfranchised xenos who have turned to crime and found strength and solidarity with each other. Based on Warren but looking to expand wherever there are other like-minded folks.
I Wreckers Scavengers and thieves with a few brilliant hackers, who incite factions to fight so that they may pick the battlefields clean later.


Tier Name Player Summary
IV Sah’iir Tall, ebon-skinned xenos who travel with blindfolded servants that speak for them. Gave the Hegemony their ansible network. Have creepy blackmetal ships. Very rich and work as merchant families.
IV Suneaters Ur-archaeologists and scientists obsessed with recreating jumpgate technology. Looking to extinguish a star in pursuit of their goals.
III The Agony Cult of humans who infect themselves with Way creatures to access the universe in unsettling ways. Named after the pain most endure for their abilities.
III Ashtari Cult A Cult of Precursor worshipers claiming Ur descent. They carry vials of gases from the Ashtari Cloud, which they inhale to connect to their presumed ancestors.
III Vignerons A small handful of immortality seekers using artifact tech implants and chemicals distilled from the living; several of them have been around for hundreds of years. Most were powerful before their transformation, though they now conceal their true identities.
II Ghosts Scientists who, due to a mishap, live exo-suited in a half-phased state. The Church of Stellar Flame offers a significant bounty on them and their ghost ship, the Skeleton Key—dead or destroyed (but certainly not alive).
II Mendicants Originally the Church of the Emerald Heart, their organization was politically destroyed. Now they wander the stars as traveling physicians and healers.
II Nightspeakers Mystics with dark proclivities bent on finding a set of dangerous Precursor artifacts.
I Acolytes of Brashkadesh A collective that eschews individuality. Initiates adopt the same garb and the same name, in the pursuit of perfection at any cost.
I Conclave 01 Independent, sentient Urbots led by an ancient Urbot known as the Prime. Working to control the mining sites and gain control over Precursor AI modules required to generate true sentient machines.
I Vigilance Warrior mystics bearing artifact blades, who seek to enforce an ancient code of justice on any they find wanting.
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