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Session 1

Starting Situation

Your crew of smugglers was hired by Citani (your crew’s reclusive info broker friend) to deliver a small, well-sealed box to the moon of Warren for a very particular client who didn’t want to reveal their identity. The job sounded easy enough… The delivery should have been easy cred, except that your contact is dead, you might take the rap for it, and several powerful factions are more likely to kill than negotiate for the object you’re holding. The crew is holding the Aleph Key (the artifact inside the box). Can they stay alive and keep it long enough to make a profit? Who will end up with it? And can you get that landlock lifted from your ship? We play to find out.

The drop-off is a bar near the ground of Warren, meaning the air outside is thick with smog, and the patrons are of the rougher sort. Your contact is in the private booth in the back. Just one problem… As you sit down to conclude the deal, you see that your contact is dead, and covered in fresh blood. Adding to your woes, there are House Malklaith guards drinking at the bar, and some well-geared folks eyeing the booth. This is not the best place to pick a fight with few escapes in sight. How do you escape? Will you try to talk your way out of this? Slip out the back? Perhaps steal a few getaway vehicles that some tough-looking hoverbike riders have parked outside?

Mission Outcome

Minimum heat generated (1) - mostly from shooting out the engine of a car following them. Artifact retained as well as the 2 credits on the body of the dead contact. Further enmity with the Nightspeakers who through a complication of hiding the Stardancer - have tracked the ship and identified the crew. They have taken out a bounty on the crew for their assassination.

Character Additions

More background added for Spike Wyndam

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