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Initial list taken from the Save the Universe RPG.

  • A arcology built on the back of a vast whale-like beast that swims through the vacuum
  • A continent-sized scrapyard which contains anything you might wish to find
  • An upmarket, swanky, in-demand night club, with multiple floors, false ceilings, lift shafts, secret booths, and more unusual facilities like zero-G dance floors
  • A great university and center of galactic learning
  • A zero-G three-dimensional sports field trader town on a frontier world
  • An exotic alien bar full of smugglers and bounty hunters
  • A galactic warlord’s fortress
  • An ancient space vessel from before recorded history
  • A deserted and seemingly haunted space station
  • A paradise pleasure planet
  • A ruined city, destroyed by war
  • A busy federal starbase
  • A primitive planet where the natives think technology is magic
  • A mining colony run by a corrupt corporation
  • A penal colony overrun by alien creatures
  • A futuristic metropolis of neon
  • A grey, forbidden military base
  • Dark caverns which hold secrets of the past
  • An intergalactic circus or zoo
  • A dinosaur planet
  • An exquisite ballroom full of intergalactic dignitaries
  • A colony in a hollowed out asteroid
  • An exotic market on a distant planet where anything can be had for the right price
  • An intergalactic graveyard
  • A cliff upon which is written the oldest writing in the universe
  • A time-travel facility dedicated to glimpsing the final hours of the universe
  • A dark nebula containing a mysterious planet whose existence is a secret
  • The underwater seas of an ice planet
  • A planetary system deconstructed to create a Dyson Sphere
  • A planet of intelligent apes
  • A monitoring station hovering within the upper atmosphere of a gas giant
  • An apparently abandoned starcraft of immense size hurtling towards an unknown destination and unwavering from its path
  • A city at the core of a planet, protected from the magma by a failing forcefield
  • A megalithic, automated factory blindly turning out vast quantities of items for a race long dead
  • A floating graveyard of broken starships, the remnants of an ancient battle
  • A fleet of city-sized fishing trawlers dredge-netting the oceans of an alien waterworld
  • An arena ship that flies from planet-toplanet, offering huge prizes to those brave enough to participate in the games
  • A haunted area of space that brings back the ghosts of the dead, and drives pilots mad
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