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The Procyon Sector

PDF map of the sector made in Kumu

The Procyon Sector is the limit of the game for Scum & Villainy. It's more in keeping with the TV series Killjoys and Firefly that way than Star Wars or Blake's 7.


A three-gate system, with the only path deeper into the Hegemony. Rin is largely prized for its natural resources, many of which (like Baftoma) have already been plundered. This is also why it contains powerful pirate and Syndicate factions that prey on the goods and money flowing towards the Core. Rin has more prominence than expected since it contains the Guild head and (for tactical reasons) the Malklaith Governor’s seat on Warren. The lack of arable ground and inhabitable planets also means that it doesn’t sport a massive population, which is why the cultural center is in the (even more) distant Brekk system.

gates : 3. Rin—Ecliptis (a path towards the Core). Rin—Holt (unstable gate). Rin—Iota.
planets : 3.

  1. Aleph: Greenish-blue, gascovered toxic planet.
    • Moons: Warren, Hock, and Batter.
  2. Vet : Gas giant with rings.
    • Moons: None.
    • Space Station:SB-176.
  3. Baftoma: Mined-out husk. Rocks from mining form a small asteroid belt on its orbit.

major ports : 3.

  1. Warren (Moon of Aleph, Governor’s seat).
  2. SB-176 (Vet, Guild of Engineers controlled).
  3. The Cove (Pirate base inside the Aleph Cloud).


A twin star system, Iota is a mixed bag. Though many people only pass through it on the way to Brekk, Iota is the industrial production house that transforms many of the resources of Rin and Iota into usable goods for the rest of the sector and the Hegemony. The sector Starsmith shipyards are here, meaning that Iota usually has a significant Legion presence. Amerath is a popular vacation spot for well-off folks, seeming a bit rustic and rural with “charming” ruins, while also sporting enough control and tech to support luxury.

gates : 2. Iota—Rin. Iota—Brekk.
planets: 3.

  1. Amerath : Guild garden planet with a Mendicant temple in the ruins.
    • Moons: Gap—shattered moon that rings the planet.
  2. Indri : Manufacturing planet. Thick clouds. Surface is either cities or toxic industrial wastelands.
    • Moons: None. Consumed for materials.
    • Space Station: Orbital warehouses.
  3. Lithios : Ice Planet. Hosts a Yaru creche.
    • Moons: None.

major ports : 4.

  1. Reeves (Indri).
  2. Solitude Colony (Lithios).
  3. Rost (Amerath, Guild).
  4. Station CM-5 (Starsmith Yards).


The cultural capitol of Procyon. If you’re looking to file paperwork, strike deals, and otherwise mingle with the elite of the sector, you’ll find many of them on the neon-lit streets of Nightfall. And if you’re looking to do research, there’s no better place to stop than Khalud Academy on Shimaya. Brekk also sports an untamed, largely unexplored jungle world that can hide those fleeing the law, and entice the rich on hunts for dangerous beasts.

gates : 1. Brekk—Iota.
planets: 3.

  1. Aketi : A massive, largely unexplored jungle planet that resists taming.
    • Moons: Suhk, Enro, Awk. None with atmosphere.
  2. Night fall: Civilized planet mostly covered in cities.
    • Moons: 13.
    • Space Station: Obelisk. Controlled by 51st Legion.
  3. Shimaya: Desert world.
    • Moons: Hawk and Mouse. None with atmosphere.

major ports : 3.

  1. Ersia City (Shimaya).
  2. Yaw port (Nightfall).
  3. Base Camp One (Aketi).


Holt is a strange place, where the least of its mysteries is the large, never-opened Hantu gate that may lead to further systems. The Rin-Holt gate had to be forced open, but only wild theories exist as to why the Precursors may have wanted it shut in the first place. It has xenos unhappy about the yoke of the Hegemony, crime and pirate strongholds, and one of the richest (and most fiercely guarded) Guild mining planets. In a sector known for its ragtag populace, Holt is the biggest hotbed of scum and villainy.

gates : 2. Holt—Rin (unstable gate). Holt—Hantu (unopened).
planets: 3.

  1. Sonhandra : Tidally locked.
    • Moons: Reigos and Diam. Both tiny and can’t be landed on.
  2. Mem: Ocean Planet.
    • Moons: Frozen moon of Yuura.
  3. Vos : Crystalline planet called “Glimmer.”
    • Moons: None.
    • Space Station: IA-23. Must dock here and shuttle planetside.

major ports : 3.

  1. Spaceport Keyan (Artificial island chain near the government palace on Mem).
  2. IA-23 (Guild of Engineers).
  3. Ugar (Low-key spaceport near Ugar on Sonhandra).
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