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Faction Paradox

Faction Paradox

- The Faction Paradox Website - as much of the original website as I could find, and with additional material about the newer books and audio dramas published after the website ceased. — existed from No - Timelines Gleaned - Information found on the internet. A quick note here - all content will be from publicly accessable internet sites or my own ramblings. i.e. public domain stuff. Except for the title seen to the right, which I did in photoshop based on the book cover art titles. If it ever eventuates that someone wants to publish a roleplaying game and buys the license from the appropriate people (ie Lawrence Miles and Mad Norwegian press) - let me know and I'll see what needs to be pulled from this site.

The Fan Wiki

Dronid - Containing The Book of the War Apocrypha

Roleplaying games

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