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Faction Roleplaying

  • This page is for my Amber rules on how to include the Faction
  • For updated rules for Lords of Gossamer and Shadow see here
  • Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rules (DWAITAS) - see the blurb here (was going to be a convention game) or the notes here

Synopsis of the Book of the War

Character Creation

The Faction

The Eleven Day Empire

Outside the Faction

Conversion Table

Faction ParadoxDoctor Who
Breeding Engines Looms
Caldera Eye of Harmony
Casts N-Forms and/or Shaydes
EremitesFollowers of the Pythia??
Evil RenegadeThe Doctor
Great HousesTime Lords
Hall of AddressesPanoptican??
HEMSkin of the Cold
HomeworldGallifrey (or Gallifrey VIII)
Imperator PresidencyMorbius
Matter Altering EquationsBlock Transfer Equations
ArchemathicsBlock Transfer Mathematics
Prison PlanetShada
Protocols of the Great HousesLaws of Time
Ruling HousesHigh Council
War KingThe Master
War QueenPresident Romana Lolita
Yssgaroth WarVampire War / Eternal War
#-Form TimeshipType # TARDIS

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