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Tales from Night City

Homebrew Rules

It's a bit of a strain adding additional rules to an Old School game, but these should improve the flow of the game, and hopefully won't require too much extra thought by everyone. The primary purpose of them is to abstract some of the details usually present in Cyberpunk 2020 that tend to cause “analysis paralysis” - entire sessions devoted to over thinking on how to break into a secure area, or what equipment to take for a meetup. It's intended to circumvent these things with the assumption:

“your character is competent and lives in this world with which they have a lifetime of familiarity, which you as the player do not.”


Character Sheet

I'm using a custom character sheet based on the Cyberpunk 2k20 sheet by Micka9fr which you can find here

Rules Additions

The rules are being adapted from Runners in the Shadows by Mark Cleveland Massengale (SaveMeJebu5) this is a “Forged in the Dark” game - which means it's a hack of Blades in the Dark by John Harper. In this case it's a Shadowrun version of BitD. You can find it here

The rules I've adapted are - Edge (including Trauma, Flashbacks and Vice) and Loadout. I will likely also include Heat, Wanted Level and the Engagement Roll, but those are mostly GM related rules having less player agency.


  • Edge is a new 10 point pool similar to Luck. You spend it to reduce/avoid consequences, to fuel flashbacks or to increase the effectiveness of your rolls.
  • Trauma is similar to cyberpsychosis but at less severity. It's what you get when you run out of Edge. You then get back your Edge at full. You can suffer 4 Traumas and then you're out.
  • Vice is something you do between missions to get Edge points back. But you don't want to over-indulge or you will be missing missions.
  • Flashbacks are a way to say during a mission “but I would have bribed this guard already” and doing just that.
  • Loadout is abstract equipment. You specify how much stuff you would like to take, not what that stuff is. When you want to use something specific in a mission, that's when you define what the stuff was.

GM-mostly bits

  • Heat is how noisy and obvious a mission ends up being and increases Wanted Level
  • Wanted Level represents attention from the powers-that-be and how punishing they'll be when they catch you
  • Engagement Roll is the “skip to the chase” part where you ignore the boring infiltration parts of a mission. It's affected by general planning you do, and your Heat
  • Entanglements are the results of bad rolls


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