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For each mission, don't choose what your character is carrying, rather decide what your character’s load will be. During the operation, you may say that your character has an item on hand by checking the box for the item you want to use—up to a number of items equal to your chosen load. Your load also determines your movement speed and conspicuousness:

  • 1-3 load: Light. You’re faster, less conspicuous; you blend in with citizens.
  • 4/5 load: Normal. You look like a criminal, ready for trouble.
  • 6 load: Heavy. You’re slower. You look like an operative on a mission.
  • 7-9 load: Encumbered. You’re overburdened and can’t do anything except move very slowly.

Some items count as two items for load. This will be handled on a per character basis as your Body effects how much you can carry (Multiply Body by 5kg)

  • 2 Body (Very Weak) - 1 item is up to 0.5kg
  • 3-4 Body (Weak) - 1 item is up to 1kg
  • 5-7 Body (Average) - 1 item is up to 2kg
  • 8-9 Body (Strong) - 1 item is up to 3kg
  • 10 Body (Very Strong) - 1 item is up to 4kg

Cyberpunk 2020 Encumberance

Page 49 of the rulebook has the following guidelines for how much items weigh:

  • 0.5 Kilos or less
    • 1 box of ammo, cellular phone, personal stereo, pocket computer, cybermodem, interface cables, pocket TV, digital camera, small recorder, flashlight, binoculars, swiss army knife, article of clothing, fighting knife, switchblade, mirrorshades, light pistol, nylon carrybag, kevlar helmet.
  • 1 Kilo or less
    • medium to heavy handgun, sleeping bag, radio/chip player, video camera, toolkit, medical kit, laptop computer, armour vest/T-shirt
  • 3 Kilos
    • submachine gun, very heavy pistol, electric guitar, drum synthesizer, inflatable bed, light to medium assault rifle, shotgun, armour jacket, kevlar flack pants or vest
  • 4 Kilos
    • electric keyboard, amplifier, heavy assault rifle
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