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Player characters in Tales from Night City have a special reserve of fortitude and luck called edge. You start with (and have a maximum limit of) 10 edge.

Edge can be spent to:

Edge is regained by:

  • Indulging in your vice
  • Using up all your edge and gaining a trauma, this resets your edge.

Reducing Consequences

When you suffer a consequence that you don’t want to accept, you can use your edge instead. The result of an Attribute Roll (rolling less than or equal to your attribute) determines how much edge it costs to avoid a bad outcome. Just succeeding (rolling the same as your attribute) costs 6 edge. Which attribute you use must be justified in the fiction.

During a gun fight, Daniel’s character, Cross, gets badly shot in the chest. Daniel rolls his Reflexes attribute to dodge out of the way at the last split second, and gets a 2. His reflexes attribute is 7 so he succeeded by 5. It costs 6 edge, minus 5 (the difference in the result and his attribute) to reduce the consequences. Daniel marks off 1 edge and describes how Cross survives the attack. The GM rules that the damage is reduced by the attribute roll, but not avoided entirely. Cross suffers 2 damage instead of the full damage of the weapon used).

Pushing Yourself

You can use edge to push yourself for greater performance. For each bonus you choose below, use 2 edge (each can be chosen once for a given action):

  • Roll another d10 and choose the best of the two.
  • Change a fumble to a fail or a success to a critical success.
  • Take an action when you’re incapacitated.
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