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6 May 1996

Name : The Amazing Trevor, Master of the Unseen (TATMOTU)

Archetype : Adept Occupation : Charlatan Race : Human Age : 27
AC : 7 Level :4 XP : 12,700 HP : 13
Alignment : Neutral God : N/A Thac0 : 16
Str 13 
Stamina 13 
Muscle 13
Dex 18 
Aim 18 
Balance 18
Intuition 10 
Willpower 6
Int 13 
Reason 13 
Knowledge 13
Health 9 
Fitness 9
Cha 15 
Leadership 15 
Appearance 15
STR - Weight Alowance :  Max Press :  Open Doors :  Bend Bars/Lift Gates : 
DEX - Pick Pockets :  Open Locks :  Reaction Adj : -3 Defence Adj : -3
Move Silently :  Climb Walls :  To Hit Bonus : +3
CON - System Shock :  Poison Save :  HP Adj :  Ressurection : %
INT - Spell lvl :  Max Spells :  Spell Immunity :  Bonus Profs : 
Learn Spells : 
WIS - Bonus Spells :  Spell Failure :  Magic Defense : 
CHA - Loyalty Base :  Henchmen :  NPC Reaction Adj : 


Weapon skills
Name Cost  extra Notes
Non-Weapon skills
Name Cost extra Score Name Cost extra Score
Pick Pocket Negotiation
Athletics (Balancing) Sleight of Hands
Psychometry Pick Locks
Name Cost Notes
Saving Throws
Paralysis, Poison, Death Magic  Rod, Staff or Wand 
Petrification, Polymorph  Breath Weapon 
Weapons Spd Dam ROF range 
Army Pistol 3 2d6+1 6/1 6 15 25 2 x 25 silver bullets, 2 x 25 normal bullets

Red Spell Book (cursed - causes Trevor to be obsessive about it, +2 save vs Spells and Horror)
Top hat and tails (well worn), street clothing, binoculars, writing pen, matches, pocketwatch, leather book, cabinet bag, 50 calling cards, pencil, monocle, silver cross (palm sized), playing cards, marked cards, handcuffs, lantern, scissors, dice, loaded dice, ink, spare oil, knife, $178 (life savings in pounds)

Other People's things he has about his person
$75 (stolen goods), 3 Watches (from the manor), $75 (gambling), $50 (doctor's wallet)

Ht 6'2 Wt 80kg

Tall, thin build with black hair and a moustache. Monocle that tends to swap eyes. Speaks with a SE London accent. Normally wears street clothes (patched heavily), Top hat and monocle (unless performing). He carries most of his stuff in his cabinet bag, except for the dice in his top pocket, his pocket watch, the calling cards (which are in his pockets) and the cross, which is worn around his neck.

First Impression : Shifty character
Second Impression : Shifty character


Trevor gestures alot when talking. He's kind of a CMOT Dibbler. He's quite possessive of his spell book. He tends to feint from casting magic. He doesn't like police of any sort and due to a horrific experience, he will generally attack dogs on sight.

An' wash thish, thish ish reaaly tricky, alaka - alaka - alakasumfin' or other (while drunk)
An' for me nexsht trick I'll need a $50 bill, can anny one len'me a $50 bill? (still drunk)
.. me full name be [in a stage voice] The 'Mazing Trevor, Master of the Unseen [TATMOTU], but me friends call me - Oy you, come back 'ere an' gimme back me money. You can call me Trevor.

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