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Character Generator

User Actions

  1. Introduction Screen
  2. Enter parameters for system
    • Pre-chosen nodes
    • Genre and Sub Genre
    • Or choose a template for the above
  3. Choose type of generation
    • Environment - generate a setting
    • Nature - generate a race or family group
    • Nurture - generate events
    • Full character - all three from an age range to another age range
  4. Save or print data

Admin Actions

  • Create/edit/delete Node
  • Create/edit/delete Template
  • Create/edit/delete controlled vocabulary
  • View database problems



  • Node ID# (unique identifier)
  • Group (How nodes are identified as groups)
    • Genre (fantasy, scifi, modern, historic - controlled vocabulary?) — Note - I'm thinking of having one table per genre as a way to reduce processing.
    • Sub-Genre (low/dark/high/post-apoc etc)
    • Type
      • Environment
      • Nature
      • Nurture
    • Sub-Type
      • Culture, Tech Level, Social, Political, Religious
      • Racial Genetics, Tribal Genetics, Family Genetics
      • Birth, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, Middle Age, Old Age
  • Sub-Group (for grouping of nodes that doesn't fit the above 4 identifiers, e.g. subgroups)
    • Name of sub-group
  • Title (of this node)
  • Description (What it does)
  • Time (how long it takes to do)
  • New (weighted chance of acquiring this node new)
  • ++Inherit (weighted chance of acquiring this node from parents/family/society)++ Won't be bothering to implement this to begin with as templates and choosing nodes before random generation should cover it.
  • Chance Changes (effects the weighting of other nodes)
    • List of Node IDs, Groups or Sub-Groups
    • List of weighting changes
  • Effect Changes (effects the description of other nodes)
    • List of Node IDs, Groups or Sub-Groups
    • List of description changes
  • Children (what having this node as a result means which other nodes are then used)
    • List of Node IDs, Groups or Sub-Groups


  • Name of Template
  • Genre
  • Sub-Genre
  • Pre-chosen nodes
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