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Munchausen Wiki

This website is dedicated to collaborative storytelling, especially regarding The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen as endorsed by Mr James Wallis himself 🙂

Feel free to read The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen - the original fantabulist story that is the premise for this game.


  • Major Update! The Munchausen parts of this wiki have been put in their own namespace while the rest of this wiki becomes my main website — Peter Cobcroft 2013/03/11 19:47
  • Major Update! All stories from the PBeM mailing list have now been added to the wiki — Peter Cobcroft 2008/08/27 18:19
  • Back in Print! (thanks for the heads up, Mr. Wallis!) — Peter Cobcroft 2008/08/11 14:23
    • PDF: available exclusively through e23 (
    • Print version next month
      • 1000 copies of a hardcover faux-leather-binding “Gentlemens' Edition” and an
      • unlimited run of a plainer, simpler “Wives' and Servants' Edition”

Frequently Asked Questions

Enter any questions you have about this site, or the game here

How to play

Here we have the latest version of my PBeM (now possibly should be called Play By Wiki) rules for The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

  • Munchausen by Wiki - the rules in a nutshell. Well, more guidelines, really.
    • If you need ideas for challenges, have a look at the questions
    • If you want to see anying that has been changed, edited, created or modified recently - click on the Recent Changes button in the top right
    • Confused about the hierarchy of the pages? Or just confused about the word hierarchy?
  • Munchausen PBeM - the previous incarnation of the rules, originally intended for playing by email.
  • Space Opera Variant - used for the PBeM science fiction games
  • Doctor Who Variant - for use with a Doctor Who game - a variant of Space Opera where all the players are a regeneration of the Doctor.

Editing/Creating Rules

  • All entries must be readable. If you write material with lots of typos and misspellings - someone will fix them.
  • Don't enter material that isn't yours. It may be copyright, and will be deleted.
  • If a page is Read Only there is a reason - either the stories are finished, or the authors don't wish to have their stories edited on a public website. Contact me for details if required.
  • I have a fair bit of space left, so feel free to post large documents. I'll warn everyone if I start running out.
  • This main page is only editable by me. Most other pages can be created or edited by anyone. If you want to change this page, let me know (
  • Here you can find information on creating a page

Current Games

If you wish to actively participate in a storytelling game, then put a link to the game on this page

Previous Games

Here you can find a complete list of previous games that have concluded.

Note: Many of the stories from the previous games have not been transferred to this wiki. The authors have not given permission.

The Archives

Stories by Genre

Ongoing and completed stories/games, according to whatever setting is chosen. You can start a new story here, by creating a page in the appropriate genre, but if you do, you should also go to the correct setting, have your character introduce themselves in a game, if they aren't already there, and create a link to the story there as well.

Storytelling Characters

Every player needs a persona - the fictional character who was in the stories that they are telling. Feel free to add any characters you like, but make sure you put your name to them. I don't want players using other player's characters without their permission. If you create a page for a new character, you may also wish to compile links to the various stories they have made.

Storytelling Companions

The main character in the story may have one (or sometimes more) companions along to help them out in times of trouble. Feel free to add any companions you like, but make sure you put your name to them. I don't want players using other player's companions without their permission. If you create a page for a new companion, you may also wish to compile links to the various stories they appear in.

Storytelling Settings

Not every group of characters sit around a table in a bar, pub or inn. Here are a few of the locations where stories can be started. Feel free to add your character to a game in a setting and start a new story/page from there.


All sorts of questions are stored here that previous players have asked of storytellers.

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