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Munchausen "Locations or Settings"

Not every group of characters sit around a table in a bar, pub or inn. Page created here describe a place for a game to start.

Creating a "Location/Setting"

Find the appropriate genre under Storytelling Settings on the start page. Create a new page and write a descriptive piece about a particularly interesting place that players may socialise and tell stories. They may wish to have a drink there, or a meal, or do some other activity they can roleplay in the game between stories.

Adding to a "Location/Setting"

Whenever a new game is started, a new link should be place in the location page. You should put these in an unordered list (or bullet list) by starting the link with two spaces, an asterisk and another space.

Finishing a "Location/Setting"

You can end the page with a link back to the start page.

Go to the rules page
Go back to the start page.

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