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Munchausen "Characters"

Every player needs a persona - the fictional character who was in the stories that they are telling. Feel free to add any characters you like, but make sure you put your name to them. I don’t want players using other player’s characters without their permission. If you create a page for a new character, you may also wish to compile links to the various stories they have made.

Creating a "Character"

Create a page in the appropriate section under Storytelling Characters by Genre on the start page.

Write a descriptive biography of your character. Include anything descriptive or wildly interesting you can think of to define them.

Adding stories

Whenever you start a story or digression page in a game, make sure to add a link to it in your Character page. Give stories and digressions their own headings (a level 2 heading is good)

Ending a "Character" page

You can finish it with a link back to the start page or possibly even add links to your other characters.

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