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Super Hero Settings

Herein you can find Super Heroic settings for Munchausen stories. In the present day, with elements of the fantastique and superpowers.

Super Hero settings can also be applied to past historical time periods, for example a super hero game of world war two vintage. Groups who play in this type of story do not play as Royality (Though they possibly could) but instead they have super powers and are attempting to save/destroy the world. Who can tell if the super hero is lying?

Playing as Heroes

When playing as a group of Heroes you are pretty much talking about how you 'saved' the world from the villains of the free world. Inspirations are things like Superman, Spiderman, and all those other fun things. However you have to see this as a situation where they are sitting around drinking, or having a dinner party bragging about their skills and abilities.

Playing as Villains

As a group of Villains sitting around talking about their evil deeds. These are guys like the Pengiun, Joker, or maybe even Hitler! Villains love to brag about their evil deeds, and thus any discussion should probaly talk about how many individuals they killed, and more importantly did they defeat those mediealing super heros!

Playing as Citzens

Late at night in New York City individuals sit around getting drunk in dank Irish pubs. But if you sit back long enough you'll hear about amazing stories of super heroes and villains. People love to brag about this, and who the hell cares if they're lying!

Some Weird Ideas for Face to Face Gaming

  • Dress up like the character you are playing.
  • Force players to act out as they play. (Include lots of room for individuals flying through the air!)

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