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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to edit this page and type in whatever questions you may have. I'll add my answers as promptly as I can.
Peter Cobcroft 09/06/2005 11:49


  1. NPC taking too long, or a player not responding quickly enough?
    The thing is, Munchausen Wiki isn't a roleplaying game with a GM. It's collaborative storytelling. No one really owns an NPC, so anyone can write for them. However you shouln't write what other Players are doing - that's just bad form.
    If proceedings are going slowly, conversations or other interim preludes and diversions can happen with players that have a faster internet response rate.
  2. Do I need to login to play?
    No. But if you want to have a character in a game, it is best to create an account, as you can then put your signature on any story addition you make - which will add a timestamp as well. That way other readers will know when you last updated your story.
  3. I want to play a game in the [X] setting
    If there isn't a game running there currently, create one.
  4. I've created a game, but no one is playing
    Advertise, talk to your friends - email those you think would be interested in a collaborative storytelling game.
  5. My favourite genre/setting isn't here!
    Write up a page for it. I'll have a look and add it to the start page.

Game Suggestions

What I'm thinking of doing sometime is a historical one - set on or before 900AD. Sagas and folk tales in the vein of Viking sagas, or Irish folklore. Magic will be encounters with the Fair Folk (Sidhe) and tend to be subtle. People being turned into things, quests and obscure components needed for spells. With the odd wandering bands of vikings, britons, irish, celts, etc causing violence. Let's call this style “Saga Munchausen”.

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