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Space Opera Genre Rules Supplement

Changes to the regular Munchausen rules :-


A number of subgenera for Science Fiction stories do not use physical money. Some do not even use the equivalent of money. For the purposes of this game, credits will be used as normal game silver coins. For the higher denomination represented in the normal game as gold coins, we will use a gold-like subgenera substitute. See the list of subgenera below


By and large companions are used differently. Usually they are there for helpful suggestions and sticky situations. In Space Opera their main purpose is someone who can be used as an excuse for an exposition. Strange devices and nefarious plots should be questioned by companions with whom the character can then explain to the audience. There are also preferred companion types for the different subgenera.


The host should set the game in a place where grizzled space veterans might gather - cantinas, spaceports, starship hangars, spaceliners or Imperial detention centres are suggested, although there is nothing preventing a being from hosting a game aboard their own vessel.


Much like the original game’s treatment of the French – the Space Operatic version also needs some absolutes. The host may decide and briefly describe as many as they like. Either great heroes, evil villains or evil empires/races. They may not, however, describe in detail these absolutes. It is up to the first storyteller that uses them to flesh them out (e.g. the Evil Empire of Turkan Minor suddenly always have been composed entirely of highly mutated clams). From that point on, the absolute is consistent (All Evil Imperial Turkan Minors must be clams).

Email Etiquette

Dates used should be expressed in a SciFi way – either stardates, inversions of a caesium atom, etc..

The habit of classic stories having chapters headed with a brief synopsis and possibly leading statements should still be used in Space Opera by the storyteller. However it should be changed to newspaper terseness, using very few words to describe the chapter, possibly separated by hyphens.


This is just a list of suggestions for characters for players to be and the related story styles you may wish to try and emulate. Feel free do combine, rearrange or discard all of them. Although consistency for your character is recommended just on a good storytelling level.

Style Name Titles for characters Character types Gold coin equivalents Typical Companion types Gadgets out of the ordinary Magic Available Example Character
Animan Military, None, Alien, Scholastic Human, Humanoid Alien, Android Mecha Credit, Rations Aliens, Robots, Sidekicks, Love Interests Tranforming things, Power armour Psionics and Traditional Captain Alex Wildstar of the Space Battleship, Argo
Babylonian Military, None, Noble Human, Humanoid Alien, Energy Alien League Credit Sidekicks, Love Interests Jump Gates, the Third Dimension. Various Emperor Vir Cotto of the Centauri Republic
Blaker Military, None Human, Humanoid Alien Gem AI’s, Team mates Time Dilation Telepathy Space Commander Travis of the Federation
Doctoran Alien, None, Scholastic Human, Humanoid Alien, Android Jelly Baby Sidekicks, Local Authorities Time Travel, Dimensional Transcendence Psionics and Superscience Doctor Liz Shaw, of UNIT
Galactican Military, None Human, Android Space Buck Robots, Sidekicks, Love Interests, Pets Afterburners None Captain Starbuck of the Battlestar Galactica
Golden Ager Military, Naval Human, Alien Space Credit Any Ray Guns, Rocketships, everything has fins Psionics and Superscience
Gordonian Noble, None Human, Humanoid Alien Gold Coin Robots, Sidekicks, Love Interests Lightning Screens, Ray Guns, Jet Packs Psionics Flash Gordon
Imperial Starwarrior Military, None, Alien Human, Humanoid Alien Imperial Credit Droids, Subordinates Shields, Force items, Doomsday Weapons, Hyperspace, Cloaking The Force Darth Vader, Sith Lord
Lexxan Beaurocratic, Alien, None Human, Any Alien Holy Credit of the Divine Order, Cluster Credit Pets, Sidekicks Biological, Fractal Cores, Doomsday Weapons Various Kai of the Brunnen G, a dead assassin of the Divine Order
Rebel Starwarrior Military, None, Alien Human, Humanoid Alien Republic Credit Droids, Kids, Sidekicks, Love Interests Shields, Force items, Hyperspace, Cloaking The Force Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight
Scaper Military, None Human, Any Alien Food Cube Annoying Aliens, Love Interests Defence Screen, Biological, Starburst Various Captain Milar Crais, Peacekeeper
Trekker Naval, None, Alien Human, Humanoid Alien, Android Gold Pressed Latinum Everyone Shields, Teleport, Solid holograms, Warp, Cloaking, Replicators Psionics and Superscience Ensign Gordi Laforge, Chief of Engineering
Twenty Fiver Military, None Human Space Buck Robots, Sidekicks, Love Interests Captain Anthony “Buck Rogers”


  • Military Titles – Commander, Captain, Space Commander, Supreme Commander, Major, General, Sergeant, Lieutenant etc..
  • Naval Titles – Ensign, Cadet, Admiral, Lieutenant Commander, Chief etc.
  • Alien Titles – His Divine Shadow, Sith Lord, Jedi, Liar
  • Humanoid Alien – Any alien that could easily be imitated by a human in a suit or wearing makeup and prosthetics. Usually good looking and easily seducable by humans.
  • Robot, Android – Robots tend to be Humanoid but easily identifiable as robots. Androids are generally indistinguishable from humans, unless damaged.
  • Mecha, Imperial, Divine, Cluster, Republic, League Credit – A specific culture credit distinctive from the generic credits.
  • Gold Pressed Latinum – A non-replicatable liquid requiring high technology to create and encased in bars of mundane gold.
  • Telepathy – A limited form of Psionics
  • Psionics – Any power with no visible origin other than a person.
  • Superscience – Any power that at first appears to be magic but is always the result of technology.
  • The Force – A limited form of Psionics, only Good powers are available for Rebels, only Bad powers are available for Imperials.
  • Various – Magic in all forms is available.
  • Traditional – Traditional magic requires gestures, components and rituals.
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