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Own Creations

  • Battle Bots v2 Heavily inspired by Robo Rally. Each player has a robot that is programmed with cards. Whenever the robot is damaged, a card is removed.
  • Colosseum Offcuts How to play with the little square bits you would normally throw away from the Colosseum boardgame.
  • Creative Writer- A monopoly type game about game design. (100% complete, but needs rewriting)
  • Dungeon Master Similar in concept to my card game, DungeonBuilder but trying to get as close as reasonably possible to the multiplayer version of the computer game Dungeon Keeper
  • Fiefdom Resource management
  • Good Vs Bad (10%) A variable boardgame in somewhat similar style to monopoly. Inspired by Tales of Thrilling Adventure, but more abstract than pulp.
  • The Great Machine Beta A tile placement and rat feeding experiment game. (50% complete)
  • Hellraiser (40% complete) A board and card game similar to Betrayal at House on the Hill.
  • Hordes of the Gods (10% complete) A boardgame in the style of a computer RTS (real time strategy) game using the rules for Hordes of the Things as the base.
  • Mecha Bots The concept behind this game is the construction of warrior robots that fight each other. But the mechanics of the construction are different. Hexmap based.
  • Metamorph (80% complete) A game of shapechanging mages in a fantasy setting
  • Morituri te Salutant (10% done) Possibly this could be viewed as “Battle Bots 2”. There's elements of Wings of fury in it now. I like the concept of different decks for different people. Update - there's already a gladiator game with this name using this mechanic (great minds think alike!) - you can find it here-
    On a side note, apparently the phrase is apocryphal and was a-typical.
  • Rollerball v4 A single route/multiple route game. I imagine a square board with multiple concentric rings.
  • Storm the Castle Players are groups of peasants bent on bringing down the mad scientist in his evil mansion. Inspired by the World Works paper model of Shellendrak Manor.
  • Thief (30%) Inspired by the various Thief games from Looking Glass Studios that have been part of my favourite computer games of all time. I really should have started designing a boardgame about them well before now.
  • Trove Mentioned in passing as an amusing pun of Trovial Pursuit by a work colleague. However - I think it has game potential.
  • Cyber Wedding v2 What happens when you gather a bunch of geeks and their families, dress them up according to different time periods and perform a wedding?
    Well, the obvious of course - an invasion by Cybermen who think there is time travel technology present. Prepare to be upgraded.
  • Tower Defense An attempt at turning a computer game genre into a board game

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Medieval Manor

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