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Number of Players: 2-8

Object of the game

The goal of Trove is for each player to lure potential researchers to their island of information.



  • Separate the researcher deck into levels. Shuffle each level and then place the lower numbered levels on top of the higher numbered levels (ie level 1 cards at the top and level 3 cards at the bottom).
  • Shuffle the action deck and deal 5 cards to each player.
  • Shuffle the start card deck and deal 1 card to each player - this is that player's island. This card remains in front of the player as a reminder of their space on the board. The other cards are shuffled and placed next to the board.
  • Give the starting player marker to the player with the most results from a vanity search on the internet.

Turn Sequence

  1. Reveal the researcher card
    • If there are no researcher cards left, the game is over and victory points should be totalled.
  2. Reveal the start card.
    • If the start card shows the island belonging to the starting player, discard it and draw another.
    • If there are no start cards left, shuffle the discards and redraw.
    • Place the researcher marker on the appropriate space on the board as shown by the start card. The starting space has a star on it.
  3. Proceeding clockwise from the starting player, each player may do one of the following:
    • Play an action card from their hand.
      • Move the researcher marker around the board as appropriate. The marker moves from circle to circle.
    • Draw an action card. There is a hand limit of 7 card maximum.
    • Discard any amount of action cards.
    • Pass.
  4. The turn ends when-
    1. No player has used an action card in a round
    2. A Timeout card is played
    3. There are no cards left to draw (ie they are all in the discard pile or in people's hands).
  5. Give the researcher card to the player whose island is closest to the research marker.
    • If the island us not owned by any player, the researcher card is discarded and not counted.
  6. Pass the first player marker to the player on the left.
  7. If there are no action cards left to draw, shuffle the discards.
    • This is the only time that action card discards are shuffled back into the deck. If there is only 1 card left for the next turn, that will be the only card anyone can draw until the next researcher.
  8. Repeat the steps until all the research cards have been used.

How to win

Gain the highest amount of victory points for your island by attracting the best researchers.


The Board
  • Trove



  • First Player counter
  • Researcher counter
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