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Hordes of the Gods


For the purposes of these rules I am using the term “God” for both the player in the game and the piece that represents them on the board. This term includes Goddess, Pantheon, Mythology, Spirits or any other mythical supernatural entity or entities likely to inspire mortals to wage war.

In general, combat between the different players will take place in The World with the armies they have created through the acquisition of resources. Each player has a Stronghold on The World from which their armies come. if the Stronghold is lost - many resources must be spent to acquire a new one. The game ends when there is only one Stronghold in The World.

The rules for combat are modifications on Hordes of the Things miniatures rules, which in turn are based on DBM (De Bellis Multidunis)

Number of players

The Spirit World is a dodecahedronic ring, so placing Realms for each player should be easy (except for 5 players)


The board consists of three parts-

  • The World. Where all the battles between mortal armies take place. A square grid in the middle of the board on which terrain is placed, armies are moved and spells are cast.
  • The Spirit World. Where Gods can go to gather resources and possibly conflict with other Gods. An outer ring around The World.
  • The Realm of the Gods. Where Gods live and manipulate their forces. A small board area that is attached to The Spirit World. Each Gods' Realm can only be entered by its owner and no one else. Each player has their own board that they a


HotgUnits - list of all the unit types. These are generic base units. Depending on Spells and the type of God being played they may have slight different statistics.

HotgUnitacquisitions - How to acquire units and place them


HotgTerrain - list of terrain and their costs. Terrain can be placed like units


HotgMoveworld - Movement in The World.


HotgCombatworld - Combat in The World.


I'm thinking of incorporating the army list variants of G. Branco

  • HotgBaiame - the armies of the Koori. Australian.
  • HotgChrist - Monotheistic medieval army. European.
  • HotgChaos - Gods of Chaos and mutant armies. Mixed.
  • HotgCthulhu - Deep Ones on the rise. Amphibian.
  • HotgCrom - Cimmerian Gods and barbarian armies. Barbarian.
  • HotgDurin - the Dwarven lords. Dwarf.
  • HotgElbereth - the Elvish Gods and their armies. Elven.
  • HotgMelkor - Morgoth and his hordes of orcs. Orc.
  • HotgMarmoo - Enemies of the Koori. Australian.
  • HotgOdin - Vikings, valkyries etc. European.


I'll probably also include the spell variants of Steve Burt

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