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Movement in The World

Move angles


Turning 45 degrees costs 2 squares of movement. If using fractions then this is about 1.6
Turning 90 degrees costs 3 squares of movement. If using fractions then this is about 3.1


If you lose your Stronghold, you may not place any new units in The World.
When placing a new Stronghold, it must be as far away from every other Stronghold or enemy unit as possible.


Each General generates 1D6 Pips per turn. An army can only have one General for every 75 points of size.
If an army loses it's General, Pips may only be bought in your Realm

Pip Costs

  • Move element or group of elements (groups must move straight ahead, wheel or form column only) 1
    • Extra if element or group contains Aerials or Magician +1
    • Extra if general is lost or element or group is out of sight and >12 away or greater than 24 away +1
  • Deploy Lurker (1st time) 1
    • Deploy Lurker (2nd time) 2
      • Deploy Lurker (3rd time) 3
  • Replace Horde 1
  • Replace desorcelled Magician or Hero 6
  • Deploy a single God 6
  • Deploy all Dragons 6
  • Bespell 2
  • Aid Bespelling 1


Sneakers can pass or be passed through by anything.
Magicians can pass through any friends.
Gods can pass through any elements
Ground troops can pass under friendly aerials or enemy Fliers or Aerial Heroes, but not if they are in close combat.
Aerials not recoiling can pass over any ground troops and cannot end a move in woods or BUA.
Recoiling aerials cannot pass over any troops or through woods or BUA.
Mounted can pass through friendly foot facing in the same or opposite direction.

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