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Jon Hector

Shady Scientist

Inspired by - Seamus Zelazny Harper (Andromeda), Clive 55 (The Starship), Dex Dearborn (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow)


* Homeworld: Omicron Persei 8

Jon was kinda just a low life bottom-rung mobster - the techie guy sent to fix stuff and in fear of his life for failure (and desparate to get out of the crime group and off planet). On the other hand it's not something he'd be proud of and may have kept it from 8 and Dirk when they showed up.

He's a scientist who comes from a fallen decadent world where intellectuals were basically the kicked dogs of anyone with power. He escaped the mob by using his brain, so yeah scientist - I just don't think he's particularly mysterious - I'm more inclined towards “a scientist with a shady past”.


Character Sheet

Note red lines denote mountain folds, black valley folds and thick lines are cuts.

Closed  Closed Open  Open

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 Jon Hector


  1. Science!
  2. Engineering, Alertness
  3. Starship Engines, Survival, Driving
  4. Guns, Athletics, Academics, Investigation
  5. Deceit, Empathy, Resolve, Weapons, Resources


Fate Point Refresh




Forced by the Big Boss to work the electro-numbers racket and fix the Holo-prostitutes.


The Further Adventures

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