The Return of the Robot Race!!! [Curufea]
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The Return of the Robot Race!!!

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Setting: Colcot

  • Scene 1: Traffic Bots
    • Xiao Ling and Jon Hector escaping from multiple enemy robot controlled gravcars in their own stolen gravcar, with a Robot Brain
    • Chase aspects of: Bright lights, Huge City and Heavy Traffic
  • Scene 3: Escape to the shuttle port
    • Shank shows his leadership potential.
  • Scene 4: Up to the orbital station
    • Shank, Richter and Hector trace the contact to a small worship space. A small scaly priest sadly accepts the robot brain.
    • Richter attracts the wrong sort of attention.
  • Scene 5: Robot Rampage and Mistaken Identities
    • Ling sends the robots the wrong signals; Richter starts a fight but doesn't finish it.
  • Scene 6: Rescue the Reptile
    • Robots swarm the station, but our heroes make it to the docking bay.
    • Shank proves his mettle.
    • Ling arranges for several quick getaways.
    • A glimpse of Koragg.


  • Jon Hector: Is your friend bigger than a breadbox?
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