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Part 1: Escape from Berlin

Sometime in the late nineteen thirties:

  • Everyone is on the last airship out of Berlin
  • Kitty is at the bar talking to a sociology professor - one of the many intellectuals fleeing Germany
  • The airship starts to turn around
  • Ravi and Finnegan are sitting at the same table
  • White lurks in the back of the area, attempting to look inconspicuous
  • German planes start appearing
  • White heads towards one of the escape planes
  • A staff member announces to the guests that due to technical difficulties they are returning to Berlin
  • Outraged, Finnegan storms off to see the Captain
  • Ravi has his Seik knife with him, just in case
  • The escape planes on this airship are unarmed and biplanes
  • The captain's door is locked
  • Kitty gets in the plane with White
  • White acrobatically flies the biplane, the fighters following him loop after the plane and run into each other. One scraps the wing of another
  • Finnegan and Ravi get on to the bridge to see the crew cowed by a German political officer. Ravi intimidated him.
  • White tries to shoot one of the external fuel tanks on the fighter planes
  • Ravi knocks the German out the window while Finnegan threatens the crew wth a gun
  • White dives towards the ground at breakneck speed, one of the planes follows, firing as it goes. White distracts the pilot with his pistol
  • Dodging between tree tops, White almost gets away from the fighter - but it opens fire again, missing badly
  • White flies through a barn - the fighter plane is too large to follow, taking his wings off and coming out the otherside confused, with a chicken
  • Ravi threatens the German high command
  • Finnegan tries to use harmonic resonance to cause the remaining fighter planes following the airship to have engine malfunctions - misfiring as they come into synchronisation with the diesel engines of the airship using the thrumming of the frame.
  • Ravi convinces the other fighter pilots to back off
  • A huge airship comes out of the clouds above, bearing the symbol of a gorilla
  • The apeship fires a rope with a hook straight into the balloon of the civilian transport
  • Finnegan, Ravi and Alex go into the superstructure in order to climb the rope. The see many apes swarming down - some with jetpacks
  • Ravi chakrams several apes
  • Finnegan shoots several
  • White and Kitty start to fly back to the airship

Part 2: Zepellin Peril

The zepellin crashes, Gorilla Khan escapes, skypirates are met

Part 3: Deepest Darkest Africa

  • Finnegan wants to go to central Africa to put a stop to Gorilla Khan
  • Advice is gotten from the Sky Pirates while drinking at a pub in Paris
  • Funding is received from the Century club, as Professor Challenger discovered the Lost World there and they've not since found the Mesa.
  • An eccentric of the Raj's court has built a palace in central London and offers to help Ravi by giving him a letter of introduction for a hunter in Nairobi. He offers also to fund the expedition of things are named after him.
  • Kitty has been spending time with Gunther
  • The hunter is met in Nairobi. He's elderly, English but with an Indian accent.
  • He does mention another expedition went through - of Germans - about a year ago. German military.
  • Stopping at an African village we are greeted warmly, but don't trust us with any knowledge of the area. They're very parochial and defensive.
  • Apparently the dragons probably got the Germans when they got through
  • Sequential bursts of flame are seen in the night sky
  • Finnegan sciences it and determines it's flying Nazis with flamethrowers
  • Kitty talks to the locals and gets info out of them, asking why the gorilla skull on the temple has been reversed.
  • The locals were slaves to a gorilla god, but it died and stopped protecting them. The villagers in the mountains were also attacked by gorillas using weapons, and they're worried that the gorillas now have their god.
  • Previously - Professor Challenger was captured and offered to the gorilla god, but he escaped
  • The villagers would like the group to approach the gods and ask them to come back
  • In the morning the group sets out with the local priest who wants to meet the gods. They go towards one of the burnt out mountain villages that was attacked by gorillas.
  • The ruins have the appearance of the gorillas wanting to drive humans away
  • After being woken up in the night by a group of surrounding gorillas. Ravi sneaks off and is grabbed by a gorilla. White shoots and wounds the leader, then intimidates him into making the rest of the patrol retreat.
  • The gorilla leader was assuming the group to be Europeans intent on helping the Germans.
  • He wishes to escort the group into Gorillatopia

Part 4: Welcome to Gorillatopia

  • The group is lead by Captain Carruthers into Gorillatopia.
  • Gorilla Khan welcomes the group to Gorillatopia - but the ruling council is split on how to treat them.
  • Archibald offers a tour of the university and aerodrome.
  • Carruthers is given a mission to investigate what the Nazis are up to; Ravi, Kitty and Finnegan are sent along.

Part 5: Dinosaur Jamboree

  • In Gorillatopia
  • Alec was on a new trans atlantic plane that had an accident and crashed in Africa. He was kidnapped by gorillas and has spent 4 weeks teaching them english
  • Mr White, while checking out the aerodrome, overhears 2 gorillas talking about the mission that Kitty, Ravi and Finnegan are on - involving dinosaurs and nazis is bad before taking off in a particular direction with jet packs
  • White talks his way onto a zeppelin with Alec and takes off in that direction
  • On the way to find the rest of the group, Alec and White see a herd of brontosauri being herded by a Tyrannosaurus being ridden by Kitty, Ravi, Finnegan and a gorilla (Carruthers)
  • Nazis with flamethrowers on pterodactyls appear and start charging the zeppelin
  • White takes the zeppelin in amongst the overhanging vines and gets some of them trapped. Unfortunately the zeppelin is set on fire, so White grabs the escape jet pack and carries Alec to safety. Onto the back of the lead brontosaurus
  • The pterodactyls swing around and try to direct the herd away from the Nazi camp
  • Alec spooks everyone with a violent flash of his Tunguska Shard
  • The herd splits.
  • The lead bull brontosaurus being ridden by White and Alec crashes through the camp
  • The Nazis open up with machine guns, but White shoots out the canopies protecting the guns, collapsing and obscuring the gunners
  • Finnigan comes off the Tyrannosaurus in a Romancing the Stone kind of way. Kitty gets off more easily
  • The Tyrannosaurus rampages through the camp
  • The bull brontosaurus slows down, White and Alec jump behind a large rock
  • The Nazis throw grenades at the Tyrannosaurus, killing it, and it collapses on a substantial part of the camp
  • Kitty finds White and Alec
  • Alec steals some uniforms for people to get dressed up in from the laundry
  • In the confusion, the group makes its way through the camp to the commandant's tent
  • Two gorillas drag Carruthers out as the leader of the confusion
  • White almost bluffs him away from the Nazis but is recognised by the commandant who orders the 4 gorillas to open fire
  • Finnegan jury rigs the jet pack to explode after flying towards the commandant
  • White trick shoots the jet pack of one of the gorillas
  • Finnegan throws his rifle to Carruthers
  • One gorilla shoots off into the air, another across the ground
  • Kitty shoots at the commandant who ducks out of the way
  • Carruthers runs away
  • Big boom flattens tents
  • The group confronts guards on the perimeter with machine guns, who are stomped on by a brontosaurus that Alec summoned with his shard
  • The group mounts the brontosaurus as it runs off
  • Lawrence is encountered on the way to the wreckage of the zeppelin , where a spare jetpack is found that Carruthers can use to get to Gorilla Khan and warn him of this Nazi allied coup


The Bronto is a family dinosaur, compared to the sports Tyrannosaurus. Also it's the green solution being a hybrid.

Part 6: On a wing and a prayer

  • The lieutenant of the gorillas starts to work on making a glider out of the wreckage of the crashed zeppelin
  • Ravi suggests that the Nazi Pterodactyls could be used in some way to get back to Gorillatopia
  • The group decides that somehow they could be used to pull the glider
  • On the way Kitty discovers a extraordinarily well built naked man who hasn't spoken english for quite a while
  • The naked man (called Victor) is likely a descendant of Professor Challenger and the beautiful native princess
  • After White mentions Challenger, the man assumes we are also Gods, like him
  • The man takes the group to meet the Queen
  • The Queen, after getting rid of those in the village who may overhear, tells stories of how Challenger came and taught them to use metal and science
  • The village priest makes accusations that the group are demons.  White stares him down.
  • The Queen thinks Victor should beet his father, and the Queen would like to go too, but the only competent leader is a slave of no standing, not able to lead the nobles.
  • The plan is to take the slave “in to heaven” and have him descend to lead the people (on a parachute) with the blessings of  the Gods (possibly some tech)
  • The group and Victor make they way to the pterodactyl camp
  • Victor leaps onto a pterodactyl and Ravi almost manages to do it neatly
  • Four Nazis, also having the idea of using their semi-trained flying lizards to flee the plateau, and open fire with two machine guns.
  • White shoots one, and Ravi leads the flock of lizards following his large leader type lizard to swoop at the remainder, carrying the other machine gun nazi into the air before dropping him.
  • The flock is taken to where the Lieutenant and Finnegan have been converting the zeppelin into a glider.  The Queen and her slave are waiting there as well.
  • The various pterodactyls are harnessed to the glider and it takes off with everyone on board.
  • Gaining height above the clouds, the pterodactyls are released and the group glides down
  • As the village is passed, the slave parachutes down
  • The group silently approaches Gorrilatopia from which a huge plume of smoke and the sounds of gunfire.  Some kind of civil war is in progress
  • A small group of jet packing luftaffe approach the glider
  • The Lieutenant opens fire on the luftaffe.  Ravi throws chackrams.  Kitty shoots them
  • Victor leaps onto the leading luftaffe and holding a knife to his throat, rides him into the ground near where White crash lands the glider at the university
  • Archie, the scientist gorrilla comes out and informs the group as to what is happening in the city.
  • The General had executed the Dean in a plan to convert the university into a military camp
  • Every gorrilla that dies lessens the sentients of all the other gorrillas.  Ravi sees that their leftover god essence (that was released when White destroyed all gods) is dissipating
  • Grabbing jet packs, Kitty, White and the Lieutenant rocket off to rescue Khan
  • The defenders are at the prison and the group lands on the roof
  • Ravi makes his way to the Gorrilla temple.
  • One of the council of Aunts confronts White and Kitty, but they manage to convince her to talk to Carruthers - the Gorrilla sent off previously from the nazi camp with evidence, whom the general had had locked up and forbidden everyone to speak to.
  • The Aunt leads Carruthers to Gorrilla Khan, and evidence against the General is giving.  Khan walks forth.
  • Ravi talks about stuff to the folk at the temple
  • Gorrilla Khan gives an impassioned speach.  The General, being at the center of destruction had been reverted to a less evolved state, and charges Khan as his followers, seeing how primitive he is, desert him.  Khan shoots him
  • Ravi does something or other that means the children are intelligent
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