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Adventures in the Clone Trade

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Setting: High Rock

Part I: Mistaken Identity

  • Scene 1: Rest and Recreation
  • Scene 2: Stop and I'll Shoot!
    • Hector and Eight investigate the Perseian.
    • Someone shoots at Eight!
    • Richter and Carson do not impress a taxi driver.
    • Eight escapes her pursuers, and Richter makes an impression after all.
  • Scene 3: The Eagle's Nest
    • The team lays in wait for the bounty hunter - who gets rather more than he bargained for.
    • Eagle questions Eight's identity and integrity.
    • Carson conducts an eerie interrogation.
  • Scene 4: A Cabin in the Woods
    • Eight meets a smug smuggler - a sister she didn't know she had.
    • The contraband seems happy enough to be sold.
    • A plan is explained, and the timetable is moved up.
    • Richter wins a friend and influences people.

Part II: Identity/Theft

  • Scene 1: Claiming the cargo
    • Eight smiles for the camera.
    • Thirty robots, all alike.
    • Eight and Carson tangle with a Perseian cyborg strike force - and demonstrate the flaws in connecting technology to one's nervous system.
  • Scene 2: The Doctor's Deal
    • Eight and Carson identify the weak point in Thirteen's plan.
    • Carson gets a well-earned promotion - to mob boss.
    • An offer is made, and not refused.
  • Scene 3: Conning the Crimelord
    • A simple plan goes smoothly - for the most part.
    • The merchandise is judged acceptable, and the trade is made.
    • Eight captures a cloner's attention.
    • Eight plus Thirteen equals - trouble.


  • Jon Hector: No, this is a hypoallergenic cat person.


  • Yet again brilliant inventive ideas of Jon Hector are needlessly shot down as overly complicated and hazardous to life and limb. In this case: Cloning Eight to fake her own death.
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Mind you, if Jon had found out about Eric's (or others') dreams he was ready to build a brainwave monitor - thinking it a mental attack of some sort — Peter Cobcroft 2011/01/14 02:38
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