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Lost and Found


  • Attending a space battle symposium held in an refitted flagship, eight, Dirk_richter and jon_hector are introduced to Svad the chief curator who fought in the Two System War of 80 years ago.
  • Eight catches up with her professor, others are cagey on details of events
  • Whilst touring behind the scenes, strange readings are seen on the bridge scanner
  • Taking one of Svad's museum fighters, a battleship is investigated that seems to have its AI re-activated and is randomly shooting nearby ships in the space museum
  • Svad pilots the fighter past the automated guns.
  • A scan of the ship reveals a yeti in a spacesuit on the bridge and a space octopus outside on the hull being shot at by antipersonnel turrets.
  • Dirk redirect fire from the turret to disable it and expose circuitry. Eight communicates with the octopus and finds out the name of the yeti “Urgh Argh” and that they accidentally reactivated the ship. Hector confuses the turrets outside and inside the ship that there are no boarders.
  • Urgh Argh is rescued from the bridge, the ship starts maneuvering towards the museum and almost crashes into it. Svad pilots it away. Hector disables the AI
  • Svad informs all the VIP guests and academics that it was all part of the symposium


  • eight: Can we flash squidy?
  • GM: You see a space octopus
    jon_hector: Spoctupi?


  • Svad is Eight's mentor and over a hundred year old human (and a very good pilot)
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