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Setting: just outside of human_space

Part I: Look who's coming to dinner

  • Setup
    • After travelling back to Human Space, receive a message from Wodehouse to have dinner with him and discuss a proposition
    • Also at the dinner are Parker a female Space Patrol officer, and Addis
    • A Space Patrol cutter stopped communication when intercepting (as Hector later realised) a Cloner ship and behaved oddly. Suspect some kind of mined control
  • Scene of the Crime
    • After consulting with resident experts on mind control and how to stop the same, Hector chooses “Effective” out of “Compact, Effective and Durable” and presents the MDHN - Mind Defence Hair Net.
    • Jumped to spacelane with Wodehouse and received a not-real distress call from the cutter. MDHN not proving very effective
    • Carson able to help snap everyone out of it.
    • Cutter attacks, Hector hacks the cutter, powers down weapons and forces it to dock
    • A dreadnought appears

Part II: Carson's Absolution

  • Investigating the Space Patrol cutter docked to the Lady Jane, the single unconscious pilot is mind probed by Carson and brain scanned by Hector
  • Hector rigs a visual feedback loop on space suits to counter mental illusions which seem to combat the mind control
  • A female clone avatar manifests to Carson only and appears to be a child-mind interested in information
  • Cloner Dreadnought on fast approach, Carson, Hector and Richter take Space Patrol cutter to the Cloner transport. Carson convinces avatar to let them in. Hector repairs engine while ship is investigated
  • Gestalt alien/lovecraft chips/tech Cloner network discovered where new clones have their minds join.
  • Cloner transport and cutter jump to nearby system to avoid dreadnought, which shows up later (as does Wodehouse's ship)
  • Parker and Adiss get subsummed by hive mind and teach it how to fix the ship as well as instilling some of their personality in it.
  • Carson convinces hive mind to go to safe moon nearby. Hector remote controls the ship to land and overloads the drive so ship can't leave. It was too interested in devouring minds for information, starting with the dreadnought
  • Carson volunteers to join the hive mind to teach it ethics
  • O2STK to be informed and keep an eye on the progress of the hive mind


  • Dirk: We're off to a dinner, you'll need to dress up.
    Hector: I'll wear my dressier lab coat - the one with the lapels.
  • Upon hearing that the hive mind now qualifies as a Space Patrol officer because of Parker's memories, in a repaired ship thanks to Adiss and would be very effective with a hive mind crew - Hector: The Ship That Gave Tickets


  • MDHN adds +1 to Resolve
  • Cloner gestalt network is based on Lovecraft Chips. Whilst Lovecraft Chips split a single Horror into multiple amplifier/possessors, they can also be modified to join multiple minds into one.
  • The Carson Hive Mind Moon
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