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Cliff Hanger

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Setting: Clifftop Station

What's up dock

  • Dirk and Hector wander about on a space station the Lady Jane is currently docked at. It's a large station at the end point of a space elevator with an internal hangar space that has multiple outside airlocks on its shell (very Star Trek mushroom)
  • Spotting security and a black ops team acting suspicious, Dirk investigates and Jon strategically withdraws
  • O2STK sends a recruitment notice to the ship about a potential candidate currently on the station
  • Dirk finds out that security is without its leaders, and is looking for terrorists
  • Tarquil looks for a ship to escape on, disguised as a greasy Tarquil and happens across the Lady Jane
  • Hector agrees to smuggle Tarquil and shows him the ship - only slightly incredibly weirded about by the psychic nature of the ship and how it responds to Tarquil
  • Security orders everone out of the hangars and off ship. Jon sets up Tarquil in a hidden space and ushers everyone else out (Kaine, Eight and the Farseer)
  • After a message from Dirk, Jon hacks the security network and discovers the security chiefs have been kidnapped and are at the base of the tether with a number of fusion bombs (and terrorist accessories)
  • Tarquil nicks the ship, and has some initial difficulty with getting out of the hangar
  • Dirk sneaks to the tether and disables half the bombs
  • Jon almost completely fails to do anything useful with the fast approaching elevator coming up the inside of the tether, that will trigger the bombs.
  • A wobbling elevator and some telepathic mind control from Tarquil who overheard Hector & Dirk planning on the ships intercom sufficiently distract the terrorists enablign Dirk to free and arm the security personnel.
  • Security deals with the terrorists while Dirk deals with the rest of the bombs



  • Tarquil is played by Carson's player
  • Tarquil is a passenger paying his way with piloting skills and money - and may be recruited
  • Dirk saved a bomb as a present for Hector. Hector is quite pleased about this
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