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The Stone Tiger

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Setting: Mauthus II

Part I: The Lair of the Tiger

  • Scene 1: The Long Drop
    • Drug smuggling, Mauthus II style - an orbital drop in a cargo pod.
    • The pod is grappled, but Jon Hector shakes it loose.
  • Scene 2: Off Target
  • Scene 3: Enter the Tiger
  • Scene 4: The Lay of the Land
    • Mauthus Capitol: decadence and corruption in an Ancient shipwreck.
    • Eight, Hector and Carson contemplate dark marvels, while Ling and Richter encounter dark motives.
    • There is no sign of Shank

Part 2: Revenge of the Tiger

  • Scene 1: Up and Over
  • Scene 2: Driven to Distraction
    • Eight makes contact with the Ancients' legacy - and finds it uncooperative.
    • Distractions abound as Hector instigates a dishonorable discharge; Ling and Carson arm the troops; Richter takes control of the situation; Eight persuades the systems to accept her; and Lady Oq forces a confrontation.
    • Richter is a little short for a stormtrooper.
  • Scene 3: The Dark Thought Generator
    • Richter dodges a bolt or three.
    • Eight makes a bid for the throne.
    • Hector makes a bid for the throne.
    • Lord Zaous places his faith in technology; Lady Oq keeps her distance.
    • Carson faces his darkest thoughts, and triumphs.
  • Scene 4: Aftermath
    • Ling makes an unauthorised broadcast.
    • Zaous is brought low, and the Tiger is triumphant.
    • Eight takes a souvenir.
    • Mauthus II begins a long and painful rebirth - but how ancient are the Ancients?


  • Jon Hector: Do you shoot it to switch it on, or switch it off?
  • Xiao Ling: When he's fascinated by an object he counts as an innocent.


  • Brilliant inventive ideas of Jon Hector needlessly shot down as overly complicated and hazardous to life and limb. In this case:
    • Modifying the GravChute of the cargo pod to discharge all its energy in a giant leap at a modified handscanner as a location beacon (for when a safe location was found for the pod to land)
    • Having Dirk Richter sneak the handscanner into the lair of the big bad and circumventing the loss of peasant army lives with this makeshift suborbital weapon.
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