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A type of Component describing a person or group of people (where person is defined very loosely). Characters are the most important Component, and the story is told through them. Players can Control any Character in the story, there are no specific Player Characters.

  Addis Junk-Lord of the Stellar Margin Known Aspects: * “I'm a legitimate businesswoman!” * I found it, it's mine. * Not worth bothering about, honest! … , ,
  Alec Trevelian Romanian Actor/Noble Inspired by - Biography Born in the Ukraine, Alec emigrates to the USA, where he becomes a part of the nascent movie in… , ,
  Amberley Campell Smuggler and Master Thief Inspired by - Biography Character Sheet Skills Stunts Aspects * Phase 1 - Background * * * Phase… , ,
  Armitage Reginald Shank, Esq. Dashing Hero Main skills: * Leadership * Weapons * Resolve Aspects: * King's Officer * Takes any chance to win *… , ,
  Bagget Eccentric collector Known Aspects: * The best, the rarest and the most expensive. * Unbelievably wealthy * Robot manservant, Wilson. Known skil… , ,
  Baron Claudius Mailed fist of the Retomski elite. Known Aspects: * Divine right! * Thundering jackboots * Gunship diplomacy Known skills: * Leaders… , ,
  Benni Head servant/butler of the emminently corruptible variety Known Aspects: * Bribable * Fat * Wears a fez Known Skills: * Artifact associatio… , , ,
  Buford Harrington (aka "Doctor Starlight") American spy (deceased) Known Aspects: Known Skills: * Investigation * Contacting * Mysteries Artifact ass… , ,
  Captain Reginald Wodehouse Main skills: * Weapons * Investigation * Leadership Aspects: * Honest cop * A gentleman knows how to treat a lady * N… , ,
  Dirk Richter Gentleman Thief Main skills: * Athletics * Burglary * Stealth Aspects: * Protege of Robert “The Ghost” MacDougal * I was a gentlema… , ,
  E'Taron Enigmatic alien trader Known Aspects: * Written on my skin * My rules are not your rules Known skills: * Resources * Leadership Vessel: U… , ,
  Eagle Void Bounty Hunter. Known Aspects: * One eye. * Eagle totem * Only doing business. Known skills: * Guns * Investigation Vessel None. … , ,
  Eight Bioengineered pleasure slave, self-repurposed as a free archaeologist. Main skills: * Academics * Investigation * Mysteries Aspects: * Escap… , ,
  Eric Carson Doctor and Psychohistorian Main skills: * Empathy * Academics * Science Aspects: * Medical school on Atarius * Frontier medic * U… , ,
  Finnegan American G-Man Inspired by - Biography Character Sheet Skills Stunts Aspects * Phase 1 - Background * * * Phase 2 - The Great War … , ,
  Garth Robot Prospector. Known Aspects: * The Ancients shall return. * Person first, robot second. Known Skills: * Academics * Resolve Vessel None… , ,
  Gunther von Klaus Impoverished Austrian Nobleman Known Aspects: * I'll win back my fortune! * From the oldest, most noble of families Known Skills: * … ,
  Inon Hardened intergalactic criminal Known Aspects: * Cold yet seductive * Ruthless efficiency * Anti-Horror Gun Known skills: * Guns * Leadershi… , ,
  Jack Archer Reporter for the United States Gazette (Cairo Edition) Known Aspects: * Truthhound! * Stabbed by the Dagger of Norn Known Skills: * Inves… , , ,
  Jin Tao, the Stone Tiger Resistance leader on Mauthus II; sworn enemy of Lord Zaous. Known Aspects: * Loyalty is our strength; freedom is our goal. * I… , ,
  Jon Hector Shady Scientist Inspired by - Seamus Zelazny Harper (Andromeda), Clive 55 (The Starship), Dex Dearborn (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) Bi… , ,
  Kaine Psi-tech PI Main skills: * Mysteries * Investigation * Guns Aspects: * Psi-tech free-lancer * From the PSI Brotherhood * The mean stree… , ,
  Kitty Smithson British Investigative Journalist Inspired by - Biography Kitty is an orphan with a wealthy but distant guardian. She literally grew up in hi… , ,
  Koragg Robot Commander. Known Aspects: * Too many robots is not enough Known Skills: * Leadership Vessel: Unnamed Robot Dreadnaught Appearances: *… , ,
  Lakshmi Human-born artificial intelligence Known Aspects: * I still expect to be paid * Curves in all the right places * I've not forgiven nor forgotte… , , ,
  Lord Zaous, Dark Lord of Mauthus II Corrupted Lordling. Known Aspects: * All power is mine by right. * replaced with: There is nothing to live for. *… , ,
  Madame Astara Evil astrologer. Known Aspects: * Evil Eye * The stars ... lie! Known Skills: * Mysteries * Intimidate Artifact associations: None.… , ,
  Mariana Sister Mariana the unexpectedly beautiful Known Aspects: * Italian WW1 soldier * Old love interest of Mr White * Nun Known Skills: Artifact a… ,
  Mr White Italian ex-Spy/Assassin Inspired by - The Shadow and Faber Biography Angelo Di Dadi comes from a well-to-do Italian Catholic family. His parents w… , ,
  Parker Space Patrol officer. Known Aspects: * Tough cop * Just get it done! * I trust my partner, even when he's clearly wrong Known skills: * Weap… , ,
  Potential Recruit The first session (or possibly more) of the game proper (after session zero and any housekeeping) will be primarily concerned with your recru… , ,
  Professora Russkin Russian professor of archeology? Known Aspects: * Known Skills: * Artifact associations: Helped Kitty Smithson to investigate Th… , , ,
  Ravikiran Ifrit Sikh Mystic Inspired by - Biography Born and abandoned in India under the British Raj, Ravi was adopted by nobility and raised around court… , ,
  Rhea Introverted farseer Known Aspects: * My mind is a fortress * Peace in solitude * Seldom remembered Known skills: * Mysteries Vessel: None. … , ,
  Storm Lady Keryn Thorgeld Noble and Military Leader of Korbal Known Aspects: * Born to rule * Vicious mind mage Known skills: * Leadership * Telepa… , ,
  Swami Mokti Swami Known Aspects: * Known Skills: * Artifact associations: Helped Finnegan to use Marconi's Cadaverous Prototype Appearances: * … , , ,
  The Alternate This isn't your timeline or possibly not even your universe or dimension. Perhaps you were sent back in time to stop the Daleks conquering the E… , ,
  The Chosen One Background Choose one- [Chosen] Signature Move You start with these Moves. Basic Moves Your first five advancements may come from this li… , ,
  The Citizen You are human and you're dead. You've come from the City of the Saved (effectively the human afterlife) on a mission back into the universe. * E… , ,
  The Collateral Time active agents (or the Renegade) have swept through your life or had a major impact on it forever changing your destiny. From investigating… , ,
  The Diplomat Background Choose one-[Diplomat] Signature Move You start with these Moves. Basic Moves Your first five advancements may come from this list.… , ,
  The Disaffected You used to work for one of the other major powers, but have had a change of heart(s). * Examples: The Old Man, Grandfather Paradox, Fitz Kr… , ,
  The Ex Either you've got a hole in the head, had your memories expunged, spent 40 years in exile and made non-existent through time travel, or were a forgotten… , ,
  The Fighter Background Choose one- [Fighter] Signature Move You start with this Move. Basic Moves Your first five advancements may come from this list. A… , ,
  The Ghost Mysterious thief Known Aspects: * Not a trace * MacDougal's legacy * Line them up and knock them down Known skills: * Burglery * Athlet… , ,
  The Homeworlder Background Choose one-[Homeworlder] Signature Moves As a Homeworlder you start with three signature moves Basic Moves Your first five adva… , ,
  The Infected At some point your biodata was infected with the Faction Paradox virus created by Godfather Morlock. Your history was usurped to have always been… , ,
  The Killer Either you're from a species known for its warmongering (Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans etc) - or you're an assassin, hit-person or psychopath. Backgr… , ,
  The Leader Background Choose one- Signature Move You start with these Moves. Basic Moves Your first five advancements may come from this list. Advanced … , ,
  The Shen Loung Leadership Collective Xian Feng Smuggler captain Known Aspects: * Thieves' Honour * Sharp as steel Known skills: * Weapons * Leader… , ,
  The Witchblood Your ancestors gifted you with extra senses or extra ways to manipulate or bypass how everyone interacts with the laws of physics. Also known a… , ,
  Thirteen Pleasure-slave turned clone smuggler. Eight's clone/sister. Known Aspects: * I'm smarter than you. * Hey there, Good Lookin'! * Catgirl for… , ,
  Tiack Smuggler lieutenant Known Aspects: * Boneless - but not spineless * I always follow orders - when it suits me * Reckless ambition Known skills: … , ,
  Tyler Renegade Noble/Telepathic Pilot Biography Homeworld: Korbal Tarquin is the second son of King Winath and Queen Dalia of Korbal, currently on the run … , ,
  Xiao Ling Gambler and Adventurer Main skills: * Gambling * Investigation * Mysteries Aspects: * Eye on the odds * Knows when to run * Defender… , ,
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