The Shen Loung Leadership Collective [Curufea]
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The Shen Loung Leadership Collective

Xian Feng

Smuggler captain

Known Aspects:

  • Thieves' Honour
  • Sharp as steel

Known skills:

  • Weapons
  • Leadership

Den Mercy

Smuggler and trader

Known Aspects:

  • Profit before pain
  • “I've got what you need!”

Known skills:

  • Rapport
  • Resources


Smuggler and technician

Known Aspects:

  • Escaped from Omicron Persei VIII
  • Old and unreliable cyberware

Known skills:

  • Engineering
  • Starship Engineering


Free Trader Shen Loung


  • The Leadership Collective are all members of the Smuggling Clans.



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