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Kitty Smithson

British Investigative Journalist

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Kitty is an orphan with a wealthy but distant guardian. She literally grew up in his newspaper office.

She steps up during the war - first as an editor/writer then as a journalist. Assigned to the Foreign Office beat by the end of the war, she makes diplomatic/wealth contacts, learns many languages. Under various pseudonyms, she even undertakes some undercover work.

Character Sheet


  • Superb: Investigation
  • Great: Rapport, Alertness
  • Good: Resources, Empathy, Contacting
  • Fair: Drive, Athletics, Gambling, Guns
  • Average: Resolve, Burglary, Deceit, Art, Mysteries



  • Phase 1 - Background
    • No family ties
    • The story gets priority
  • Phase 2 - The Great War
    • People *want* to talk to me
    • Yes, I'll have that drink


Guest Star

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