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 Albert "Albi" Kardde Lower Class Neo-Victorian Criminal Gender Male Age 24 Hair Blond Eyes Brown Airship The The Wilde Karrde Schtick Smugglers (…, ,
 Alec Trevelian Romanian Actor/Noble Inspired by - Biography Born in the Ukraine, Alec emigrates to the USA, where he becomes a part of the nascent movie in…, ,
 Amberley Campell Smuggler and Master Thief Inspired by - Biography Character Sheet Skills Stunts Aspects * Phase 1 - Background * * * Phase…, ,
 Armitage Reginald Shank, Esq. Dashing Hero Main skills: * Leadership * Weapons * Resolve Aspects: * King's Officer * Takes any chance to win *…, ,
 Captain Reginald Wodehouse Main skills: * Weapons * Investigation * Leadership Aspects: * Honest cop * A gentleman knows how to treat a lady * N…, ,
 [Characters - Notable personages and their past adventures] Characters Players * Albert "Albi" Karrde, thief, scallywag and captain of the The Wilde Karrde…, , ,
 [Characters - Notable personages and their past adventures] Characters Blank Character Sheets * Multipage * [Cyberpunk] * [Fantasy] * [Gothic] *…, , ,
 [Characters - Notable personages and their past adventures] Characters Players Dirk Richter, Gentleman Thief * Legend: The Heist! Jon Hector, Shady Scien…, , ,
 Darcy Midnight Gadgeteer Gender Male Age 26 Hair Black Eyes Grey Airship The Wilde Karrde Schtick Smugglers (mostly) Background Back story in d…, ,
 Dirk Richter Gentleman Thief Main skills: * Athletics * Burglary * Stealth Aspects: * Protege of Robert “The Ghost” MacDougal * I was a gentlema…, ,
 Eight Bioengineered pleasure slave, self-repurposed as a free archaeologist. Main skills: * Academics * Investigation * Mysteries Aspects: * Escap…, ,
 Eric Carson Doctor and Psychohistorian Main skills: * Empathy * Academics * Science Aspects: * Medical school on Atarius * Frontier medic * U…, ,
 Finnegan American G-Man Inspired by - Biography Character Sheet Skills Stunts Aspects * Phase 1 - Background * * * Phase 2 - The Great War …, ,
 Jon Hector Shady Scientist Inspired by - Seamus Zelazny Harper (Andromeda), Clive 55 (The Starship), Dex Dearborn (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) Bi…, ,
 Kaine Psi-tech PI Main skills: * Mysteries * Investigation * Guns Aspects: * Psi-tech free-lancer * From the PSI Brotherhood * The mean stree…, ,
 Kitty Smithson British Investigative Journalist Inspired by - Biography Kitty is an orphan with a wealthy but distant guardian. She literally grew up in hi…, ,
 Mr White Italian ex-Spy/Assassin Inspired by - The Shadow and Faber Biography Angelo Di Dadi comes from a well-to-do Italian Catholic family. His parents w…, ,
 Ravikiran Ifrit Sikh Mystic Inspired by - Biography Born and abandoned in India under the British Raj, Ravi was adopted by nobility and raised around court…, ,
 The Lady Jane From a previous space opera campaign and the sole effort of one player- Description Despite the fact she is based on a scout ship, the Lady Jan…, , , , ,
 Tyler Renegade Noble/Telepathic Pilot Biography Homeworld: Korbal Tarquin is the second son of King Winath and Queen Dalia of Korbal, currently on the run …, ,
 Xiao Ling Gambler and Adventurer Main skills: * Gambling * Investigation * Mysteries Aspects: * Eye on the odds * Knows when to run * Defender…, ,