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Albert "Albi" Kardde


Lower Class Neo-Victorian Criminal

Gender Male Age 24
Hair Blond Eyes Brown
Airship The Wilde Karrde Schtick Smugglers (mostly)


Albert never met his father. His mother died when he was very young, so he was raised by his older brother, Matthew. As an adult, Matthew was tricked out of his farm by a merchant named Trevor. Matthew protested the injustice, but Trevor then had him murdered – a crime that was blatantly ignored by law enforcement. Albert avenged his brother by robbing Trevor blind and giving the spoils to the poor. As a result, Albert became an outlaw, but he never forgets the good that Matthew had done for him.

As an adult, he sought freedom from the oppression of lower class existence in a neo-victorian slum. He met a woman of similar adventurousness and set out to steal an airship. During the many weeks of planning, to avoid suspician. he ended up marrying his partner - Lucy Devereux before the attempt to commandeer the airship.

The plan succeeded - almost. Lucy was unable to board the ship in time. Albi is still plagued by guilt at leaving her behind to take the blame for the theft.


Strength 1 Presence 1
Dexterity 2 Wits 3
Fortitude 1 Resolve 0

Derived Attributes

Initiative 8
Movement 8 Sneak 4
Run 24
Swim 8
Leap 4
Jump 2

Common Skills

Bull (PRE) 4 Charm (PRE) 1 Conceal (WIT) 1
Dodge (DEX) 4 Hide & Sneak (DEX) 4 Leadership (PRE) 2
Perception (WIT) 2 Streetwise (PRE) 4 Swordplay (DEX) 1


Appraisal (WIT) 1 Forgery (WIT) 4 Medicine (WIT) 1
Pick Locks (WIT) 4 Pick Pockets (DEX) 2 Sleight of Hand (DEX) 2
Tactics (WIT) 1


Rucksack, Goggles (crepuscular), Autophrenometer, Leathers, Boots


Paranoia, Glass Jaw


Acute Sense: Touch, Agility


Sword, collapsible

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