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Darcy Midnight


Gender Male Age 26
Hair Black Eyes Grey
Airship The Wilde Karrde Schtick Smugglers (mostly)


Back story in dot points (to expand)

  • Born in a Skyloft city
  • Father was a playboy gadgeteer; mother divorced father after one affair too many
  • I have an older twin who is exalted for… This has meant that I am quite shy. I am also sensitive to similar behavior among others, (unfortunately one of the crew members also does this which annoys me intensely).
  • I had a life waiting for me working with father but relations with my brother made this untenable
  • I left home to find a life away from the shadow of my brother. I went to one of the Neobedouin tribes that my family traded with.
  • They took me in and I lived with them. Some skills I never really got the hang of but I did learn to drive the different vehicles that they use quite well.
  • Eventually I separated from the tribe and was looking for the next


Strength 1 Presence 1
Dexterity 3 Wits 3
Fortitude 1 Resolve 2

Derived Attributes

Initiative 8
Movement 8 Sneak 4
Run 24
Swim 8
Leap 4
Jump 2

Common Skills

Drive (WITS) 3 Perception (WITS) 2 Pilot (WITS) 2


Craft (Steam) () 4 Craft (Metalworker) () 4 Ad Hoc Repair () 3
Engineer (Steam) () 4 Engineer (Clockwork) () 4 Engineer (Electrical) () 2
Demolition () 4 Conceal () 4 Skylore () 2
Appraisal () 1 Culture (Neobedouin) () 1 Firearms () 1


Basic Tool Kit 2.1 Clockwork Repair Kit 1.2
Difference Engine 5 Pocket Watch 1.l
Clockwork Lantern 0.15 Mechanics Kit 4


Annoying Shipmate, Exalted Twin, Shy


Greasy Thums (3), Expert in Engineer (Clockwork) (3), Direction Sense (3)


Lightning Gun

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