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Codex Abominatus - Abominog

FORCES: The Demon Abominog Cultist Unit. Government Forces.

SCENARIO: After the slaughter at the village of Merchants Rest, the cultist forces fled into the Forest of Astomia. Having slaked the thirst of the Codex Abominatus with the blood of the sacrifices they carried out in the village, they were successful in raising the Demon Abominog. The provisional government of Balgranth then rallied a force of demon hunters and adventurers and sent them forth to finally expunge this evil from the land. In their possession is a map purporting to reveal the location of magical weapons lost over time within the Forest.

GAMEPLAY: VIP/Assassination/Magic Weapons.

SPECIAL RULES (Baddies): Abominog is *invulnerable* to anything except magical weapons. He has no HP, but only 3 ‘lives’. Abominog fights as normal. Cultist unit must have its own Cleric AND mage. Their mission is to keep the demon alive and recruit mind slaves. Starting size of cultist unit will depend on muster numbers on the day. Cultist cleric can attempt to cast ‘Bless’ on opposing forces casualties. All players revived in this fashion have become Cultist mind slaves. Mind slaves will be identified by a coloured bandana. Mind slaves only have 3 HP. If the Abominog is killed the mind slave connection is broken and they revert to normal and rejoin the government forces.

SPECIAL RULES (Goodies): Due to the thick nature of the forest and the narrow trails, the Government forces must split into groups of 5 to begin with. They will start at different parts on the outskirts of the forest. There are 3 magical weapons to be found. They are useless for anything except killing the Abominog. All are one use only!

GOLDEN ARROW - will remove one life from demon. Must be fired from a bow. FIRE SWORD – will remove one life from demon. One use only and must hit a legal hit location. ICE DAGGER - will remove one life from demon. One use, and has to be a legal INSTAKILL.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Government Forces win: Abominog is dead, mind slaves released. Cultists win: Government forces are wiped out/converted to mind slaves.

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