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Weapon and Armour Types



Weapons usable by those regarded as “minimal combat characters/classes”

  • Throwing weapon (<45cm, coreless, maximum of 6)
  • 1 handed short weapon (<85cm, cored)
  • Dagger (<45cm, cored or coreless)


Weapons usable without qualifications

  • All Minimal weapons
  • 1 handed sword (<115cm, cored)
  • Shield or Minimal weapon in the off-hand


Weapons that require a qualification

  • 1 handed weapon other than a sword (<115cm, cored)
  • 2 handed sword (<185cm, cored) does 2hp damage
  • Buster sword (<185cm, cored, blade width >10cm) does 2hp damage
  • 2 handed weapon other than a sword (<185cm, cored) does 2hp damage
  • Pole-Arm (190 - 220cm, cored, includes spear, halberd and glaive)
  • Bow (28 lbs or less, max of 12 arrows) does 2hp damage
  • Flail (<185cm, coreless)
  • Quarterstaff (a double ended Pole-arm)
  • Pike (220cm+, cored) does 2hp damage


Armour increases the amount of hit points someone has. Everyone starts with 3 hit points

Location Armoured Light Armour Medium and Heavy Armour
Face +1 +2
Chest +2 +4
Arm (each) +1 +2
Leg (each) +1 +2

Light Armour

  • Plastic (usually BMX armour)
  • Foam, rubber, latex
  • Leather

Medium Armour

  • Mail
  • Scale
  • Ring Mail
  • Laminate

Heavy Armour

  • Plate

Heavy armour provides additional protection: All weapons do 1hp less damage down to a minimum of 1hp.


All shields must have soft edges. Shields have hitpoints. Only a warrior's Cleave will damage a shield. When a shield loses all hit points, drop it out of combat.

  • Round (40 - 75cm in diameter) 4HP
    • Buckler (<40cm in diameter) 2HP
  • Rectangular (40-60 x 60-90cm) 4HP
    • Target (<40 x <60cm) 2HP
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